Thursday, 10 February 2011

Emille Collins n’est plus.

A few weeks ago Emille asked if we could find him a copy of the Old Testament in reasonable size print. It was not so much that he had any particular faith that we were aware of - but he just wanted to refresh his memory of the biblical history and texts.

To the very end he kept asking questions and challenging the system.

We had organised a computer so that he might surf the net when BBC Radio Jersey made it more difficult for him to participate on phone-ins.

Alas, his general health was not quite up to the speed of his mind so he was never able to experience that latest technological wizardry for himself.

We hope that somebody else will carry on where Emille left off with the computer but we doubt if anybody will take up his political, campaigning reins.

Emille Collins was born into a particular climate for change where socialist ideas of fairness were respectable aspirations. Although he experienced all the hardships of two world wars and much much more during his long life, he never gave up on his basic, simple beliefs and his modest, personal and political ambitions.

We have previously posted blogs on Emille here on VFP 25 June 2010 and here on HERE 18 September 2010 and we have an archive of recorded interviews which we will try to publish in due course.

Also, we are very pleased to have commissioned Emille’s bronze portrait which is currently on display in the St. Helier Town Hall. We know that this image is no substitute for the man himself but hope that it might continue to influence the decision-makers in Jersey for many years to come.

Emille Collins passed away last night aged 98.

Submitted by Thomas Wellard.