Sunday, 16 October 2011

An Open Invitation to Frank Walker.

Just when you thought that BBC Jersey couldn't be more obvious a "spin machine" for our ruling elite, they shock even the most un-shockable of us.

This morning they aired an hour long programme with former Chief Minister Frank Walker, first question is "why?" Why not wait until after the election when he couldn't, and BBC Jersey (State Media) couldn't be accused of trying to influence the outcome of the election?

Mr. Walker was able to trot out the old Party Line, as in, any States Member who asks questions in the States is a trouble maker. The States is falling into disrepute because of personality politics etc.

Rather than list everything that we believe was nothing more than a PR, or propaganda exercise, by Mr. Walker and the ever accommodating BBC, we would like to openly invite Mr. Walker to an interview with an "independent" media.

We, at Team Voice, believe we have demonstrated that (at best) the BBC, and all Jersey's State Media, are lazy, shoddy, inept and not fit for purpose.

Jersey's State Media is losing credibility by the day, and this morning's fiasco with the BBC and Mr. Walker only  further accelerated the loss of this fast dwindling credibility.

What a SHOCK COINCIDENCE, for those who listened to the programme, that of the very few rumours that were put to Mr. Walker, involving his personal and professional life that none of them were true! Does this mean ALL of the rumours about him are untrue, or just the carefully selected one's put to him by the BBC?

Regular readers/viewers will be aware that we (Team Voice) don't trade in rumour, gossip, innuendo or such like but pride ourselves in dealing with "facts and evidence."

So if Mr. Walker would like to gain some credibility and have some real questions put to him, rather than the fluffy, PR managed gumph from Jersey's discredited State Media, then what are you waiting for Frank? Have you got the courage to answer some uncomfortable, unscripted questions from an independent media?

Until you do your credibility will remain as low as that of the State Media's.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Senator Le Main - your retirement needs you.

Terry doing what he does best

The Great Senator Le Main

AKA - Captain Jersey 

Below is the video of Senator Le Main's  speech at the St Helier No 2 husting. 

This good old boy is trying to backdoor it back into the states as a deputy after realising he didn't have a chance in hell of getting re-elected as a Senator. He must also be hoping that there is a miracle out there with his name on it he really must.  Lets be honest here, he is a laughing stock, a man who has had his time. He should just  now bow out and enjoy his retirement. 

Terry along with one of his (or so he thinks) running partners have, in their election literature, tried to make big play of fellow candidates "illegally" assisting voters fill out a form to enable frail pensioners/disabled to request a postal vote....although that's not quite how they've put it in their literature.

One can see the thinking behind this as far as the Establishment are concerned. Terry has had his brushes with the law, he's been publicly accused of planning corruption and as far as we can make out is still under investigation for this. He was also asked to stand down as Housing Minister for possibly abusing his position by allegedly attempting to influence the outcome of a court case involving an "acquaintance" of his. There was something about signature fraud and Data Protection that he has been linked with in the past also. So if Terry has all this hanging over him, who told him it was a good idea to start bringing up "criminality" etc? Whether he is guilty, or not, of all this the Establishment know that sh-t sticks. If he was being well advised, he would have been told to keep away from the personality politics and certainly keep away from the criminality stuff.

It might be argued that's what he was advised but chose not to listen. That being the case then the Establishment would see him as a liability. The Establishment are nothing if not obedient and loyal

Enjoy his speech - we all did 

Rico Sorda

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Sir Philip

This is the email I received from Editor Chris Bright and  my reply. I think it speaks for itself. The total lack of any respect shown to the Abuse Survivors is beyond belief.


From: Chris Bright  Sent: 23 September 2011 14:41 To: Corinne Wiseman Subject: Message for Rico Sorda


Dear Mr Sorda,

It has been brought to my attention that you have come into possession of, and circulated, a private email sent by me to Miss **** ****.

I have no idea, and no wish to spend time ascertaining, why you should have felt entitled to publish my private correspondence, but kindly refrain from  such discourteous behaviour in the future.

Chris Bright,


Dear Mr Bright
Thank you for your email.
I had best start at the beginning.  I was contacted by an abuse survivor who was disgusted by your crass reply to an email they had sent you.  Some very serious concerns were raised by this person regarding the biased reporting in respect of such issues as the historic child abuse enquiry (the "HCAE"), continued vilification of former Senator Stuart Syvret and the non-reporting of the serious issues surrounding the former investigating officer of the HCAE, Mick Gradwell, leaking information during a live investigation.
Having read your reply I was left in shock.  You could not have shown more disdain for this person if you had tried.  Your reply lacked compassion and understanding of what the victims of abuse have been through.  Could it be that the tone of your reply can be interpreted in itself as an explanation of the JEPs apparent stance on these issues being as you are its chief editor?  In an island which has only one newspaper, is it not right for the local populus to expect some fair and balanced reporting?  Considering the level of accountability that Rupert Murdoch, heading up a newspaper with a readership of only 40%, has had to face in respect of certain ethical matters, surely an individual heading up a newspaper with 100% market readsership should be prepared to be called to account for statements made in written correspondence to a member of the public.
With the forthcoming committee of enquiry into the HCAE, it is imperative that the role of the local mainstream media is considered.  They have done nothing but trash the HCAE and so with it the credibility of the abuse survivors themselves.  I find it hard to understand why the JEP, CTV and BBC Jersey have acted in this way rather than investigating the allegations made and reporting their findings in an impartial fashion.  Who now, other than certain politicians, will feel that they can turn to the media for help and support?  I feel that the JEP is fully aligned with the old feudal power of Jersey.  It does not surprise me that it has thrown its weight behind Sir Philip Bailhache in the forthcoming senatorial elections, but who could forget the Roger Holland affair, the Liberation Day 2008 speech and the Jarvis Dykes fiasco?
The JEP can no longer get away with its non-credible reporting as time and technology has caught up with it.
Please show the abuse survivors the common respect they deserve.
Kind regards
 Rico Sorda