Sunday, 16 October 2011

An Open Invitation to Frank Walker.

Just when you thought that BBC Jersey couldn't be more obvious a "spin machine" for our ruling elite, they shock even the most un-shockable of us.

This morning they aired an hour long programme with former Chief Minister Frank Walker, first question is "why?" Why not wait until after the election when he couldn't, and BBC Jersey (State Media) couldn't be accused of trying to influence the outcome of the election?

Mr. Walker was able to trot out the old Party Line, as in, any States Member who asks questions in the States is a trouble maker. The States is falling into disrepute because of personality politics etc.

Rather than list everything that we believe was nothing more than a PR, or propaganda exercise, by Mr. Walker and the ever accommodating BBC, we would like to openly invite Mr. Walker to an interview with an "independent" media.

We, at Team Voice, believe we have demonstrated that (at best) the BBC, and all Jersey's State Media, are lazy, shoddy, inept and not fit for purpose.

Jersey's State Media is losing credibility by the day, and this morning's fiasco with the BBC and Mr. Walker only  further accelerated the loss of this fast dwindling credibility.

What a SHOCK COINCIDENCE, for those who listened to the programme, that of the very few rumours that were put to Mr. Walker, involving his personal and professional life that none of them were true! Does this mean ALL of the rumours about him are untrue, or just the carefully selected one's put to him by the BBC?

Regular readers/viewers will be aware that we (Team Voice) don't trade in rumour, gossip, innuendo or such like but pride ourselves in dealing with "facts and evidence."

So if Mr. Walker would like to gain some credibility and have some real questions put to him, rather than the fluffy, PR managed gumph from Jersey's discredited State Media, then what are you waiting for Frank? Have you got the courage to answer some uncomfortable, unscripted questions from an independent media?

Until you do your credibility will remain as low as that of the State Media's.


Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

Bring back “Talkback”; at least the public had a chance to ask a few pertinent questions. This new show should be renamed Sycophant Radio. Who next from the elite cocktail set?

voiceforchildren said...

"Bring back “Talkback”; at least the public had a chance to ask a few pertinent questions."

Why do you think the State Media got rid of it....and the phone-in?

Anonymous said...

who did the interview mrs walker alias the old fiona spurr

Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

lets hope bbc jersey is shut down.

Raymac said...

Shutting down the "Phone In" and "Talkback" was a disgrace!
To many intelligent people making good comments and it was seen as a real threat to the most bias and State controlled Media in Europe.

Tom Gruchy said...

If the "opposition" spent just a fraction of the time on getting properly organised as it does on moaning about Frank and his friends - then we should now have effective representation in the States.

voiceforchildren said...

Tom Gruchy.

If the opposition spent just a fraction less time moaning about the opposition and a little more time exposing the failures and cover-ups of the ruling elite and their State Media then that too, one would suggest, be a step in the right direction.

anonymous said...

I would like to hear Frank Walker publically answer one very simple question.

A handful of months before leaving politics he stated in a press release;

"As Chief Minister, I will do everything within my power to ensure that in the years to come our children are the best protected in Great Britain."

So within those final months as Chief Minister what exactly did he do to ensure that in the years to come our children are the best protected in Great Britain?

Maybe BBC Jersey would like to give him another hour of airtime to discuss this?

Or maybe he'd like to take you up on your offer, VFC, and give a detailed explanation through this blog?

I for one would love to hear the answer.

Ian Evans said...


anonymous said...

VFC, you might know the answer to this so please correct me if I'm wrong.

Am I remembering rightly that Frank Walker's government promised to undertake some kind of child care review following HDLG?

voiceforchildren said...

You are correct.

Anonymous said...

Did the review take place?

Ian Evans said...

Can "YOU" help us out with our E-PETITION please :)