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Whilst conducting my research I came across this latest article by Lucy (meddling) Mason. Now, I don't know if this is written as some tongue 'n' cheek piece, or meant to be serious, but I haven't laughed as much since her last article. 

There are some cracking lines in this piece and i'm not talking about the 100% columbian type either. I just had to share it with readers.

Team Voice 

LAST week, in the final official piece of business for the States Assembly in 2011, Members exchanged Christmas messages. In a long-standing tradition, one Senator, one Constable and one Deputy each gave a speech on behalf of their colleagues reminiscing about the past year, looking to the future and sending their best wishes to, well, pretty much everyone, including the ever-important tea ladies and even us, the media.

It was an inspiring moment, a happy occasion that gave you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside – and not just because it meant no more States sittings until 17 January.

So I thought it was only fair that I return the favour and come up with my own Christmas message for States Members and you, their voting public – even if it is only to show that I can be optimistic at times. So here goes …

Christmas is traditionally a time when we look back on the year that has passed, take stock of everything that has come and gone, and are thankful.

It has been a difficult year in many ways as Jersey, like the rest of the world, has struggled to weather the economic storms that have been thrust upon us. We have faced cutbacks, rising taxes, job losses and the highest unemployment figures ever recorded for this Island.

But these are all challenges that we have begun to tackle, in the most part, head-on, and this can only be a good thing.

And I have no doubt that with ever more challenges lurking on the horizon – the most timely being the threat to our fulfilment industry – we will continue in this manner. The new multi-million-pound drive to get people back to work is just one example of this.

I know we may not always believe it when our politicians tell us, but we are in many ways extremely lucky and in a very good position to ride out the many problems facing us. We also live in a beautiful, vibrant and interesting Island of which we should all be very proud.

As Senator Philip Ozouf keeps telling us, we have no debt, we have strong public finances and, as much as people (myself included) may complain about them, we have a group of pretty OK politicians to lead us.

Yes, they, like us all, make mistakes, but perhaps just this once we should put ourselves in their position. They work damn hard on our behalf and I doubt that many of us who openly criticise them the first chance we get could do their job.
OK, so maybe I’m being a bit harsh on myself and my colleagues there – we don’t set out to criticise.

And this is something that I don’t think many States Members get. We are taught as journalists that we are the eyes and ears of the public to whom we report, and it is a duty that I certainly take very seriously.
We want the public to know what is going on at the meetings which they can’t always attend, in the States Chamber when they are at work, and in countless other forums where decisions are taken, explained and reported.

But we also only have limited space in which to present this information.
So forgive us occasionally when, for example, we don’t report every speech that is given by every candidate for every position, or we don’t report a proposition word for word, for we also have a duty to keep our readers interested enough to keep themselves informed.

AND please do remember the good bits we write about as well as the bad. There is no malice in what we report, and no pre-planned agenda. And there is certainly no higher force controlling what I write within these pages.

Which brings me very nicely to the hope I have that next year, in keeping with the sentiment to have a reformed, more collaborative States Assembly, that the media and politicians can be a bit more understanding of one another.

Let’s work together; let’s keep people informed; and let’s all concentrate on doing our jobs to the best of our abilities like the professionals that we are.
Because, looking to the future as we also do at this time of year, there are exciting times ahead. We have a new Chief Minister, many new Members and ministers, and new and changing challenges to face.

We all should be optimistic, because with optimism comes a renewed sense of striving for the best, to be the best, to make the best decisions, and do the best for the wonderful place that we are lucky enough to call home. We are all in it together – let’s remember that.

All there is left to say are the thank-yous that traditionally accompany messages of this kind. In keeping with that tradition, I would like to thank the politicians who keep me in a job. Sure, you don’t get it right all the time and you may infuriate the hell out of a lot of people a lot of the time, but where would we be without you?

If we didn’t have you lot to complain about, be outraged about or, very occasionally, be quite impressed with, life would be so much more boring. We’d have nothing to tweet about, nothing to gossip about and the world would be a far poorer place.

So thank you, dear States Members, for keeping life interesting. Oh, and keeping our lovely little Island ticking because yes, sometimes you are rather good at it.
Thank you to the families of our esteemed politicians – how do you cope?
Thank you to the hundreds (and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds) of civil servants who do all the work behind the scenes, often without much public recognition.

Thank you to the States ushers, staff at the States Greffe, the Bailiff and Deputy Bailiff, the Attorney General and the Dean, all of whom keep us informed with what is going on and advise us and our politicians) for it isn’t just us who have to sit through hours of debate that sometimes goes on much longer than anyone would like).

Thank you to our readers for taking an interest, for commenting, emailing, calling and tweeting – everything we do, we do it for you.

And, finally, thank you to Manny, who makes me my tea. I couldn’t do it without you.

Happy Christmas to you all and my best wishes for the new and exciting year ahead.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Paul Le Claire Responds to the Census Findings


Former Deputy Paul Le Claire responds to the Census Findings. During his time in the States he has  challenged the findings of the States Statistic Unit in many a debate.

 Has Paul le Claire got his figures right?

Is the real figure at 100,000 plus?

This is a very serious situation for the Island. 

Team Voice 

Dear States Member , 

The total resident population of Jersey revealed in our latest Census, shows that on the 27 March 2011, Jersey had a resident 

population of 97,857

The previous estimate produced and published in June of 2010, by the States Statistics Unit for the end of 2009, was 92,500.

The new figures demonstrate that in just 15 short months we have seen an increase of 5357 more people in Jersey. 

The average number of births over deaths for the 5 year period 2005 to 2009 was +250.  The figure for 2010 was  + 270.

If births have continued at this higher number of 270 per year, we can say that the numbers of locally originating people

increase the estimated total resident population up from 92500 from Dec 2009 by a figure of 337 to a total of 92837

The number of new migrants in Jersey in those 15 months therefore is 5020. 

The annual average over the 5 year period 2005-2009 was 640 people into the island per year.

These much higher numbers have occurred in a period when the global recession was well underway. 

The alarming rate of increase in this short period of 15 months of 5020 new migrants is a cause for serious concern and action. 

If we have continued to increase our population at the same pace in these last 8 months, as we have since 2010, then we now 

have another 2677 more people living in Jersey today, that have migrated here.

With a further 8 months of births over deaths at that higher average, this adds a further 180.

This makes our current population at or around 100714.

My Information is derived from the States Statistics Department, who in the words of our last Chief MInister are

"independent, impartial and  professional."

It is my estimate therefore using their Statistics, that our current resident population is 100714. 

If we add a further 2052 people,  which were the numbers of short term visitors here in the end of March 

in this latest Census, then that gives us a total human being count, in Jersey today of, 102766. 



Paul Le Claire

Sunday, 16 October 2011

An Open Invitation to Frank Walker.

Just when you thought that BBC Jersey couldn't be more obvious a "spin machine" for our ruling elite, they shock even the most un-shockable of us.

This morning they aired an hour long programme with former Chief Minister Frank Walker, first question is "why?" Why not wait until after the election when he couldn't, and BBC Jersey (State Media) couldn't be accused of trying to influence the outcome of the election?

Mr. Walker was able to trot out the old Party Line, as in, any States Member who asks questions in the States is a trouble maker. The States is falling into disrepute because of personality politics etc.

Rather than list everything that we believe was nothing more than a PR, or propaganda exercise, by Mr. Walker and the ever accommodating BBC, we would like to openly invite Mr. Walker to an interview with an "independent" media.

We, at Team Voice, believe we have demonstrated that (at best) the BBC, and all Jersey's State Media, are lazy, shoddy, inept and not fit for purpose.

Jersey's State Media is losing credibility by the day, and this morning's fiasco with the BBC and Mr. Walker only  further accelerated the loss of this fast dwindling credibility.

What a SHOCK COINCIDENCE, for those who listened to the programme, that of the very few rumours that were put to Mr. Walker, involving his personal and professional life that none of them were true! Does this mean ALL of the rumours about him are untrue, or just the carefully selected one's put to him by the BBC?

Regular readers/viewers will be aware that we (Team Voice) don't trade in rumour, gossip, innuendo or such like but pride ourselves in dealing with "facts and evidence."

So if Mr. Walker would like to gain some credibility and have some real questions put to him, rather than the fluffy, PR managed gumph from Jersey's discredited State Media, then what are you waiting for Frank? Have you got the courage to answer some uncomfortable, unscripted questions from an independent media?

Until you do your credibility will remain as low as that of the State Media's.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Senator Le Main - your retirement needs you.

Terry doing what he does best

The Great Senator Le Main

AKA - Captain Jersey 

Below is the video of Senator Le Main's  speech at the St Helier No 2 husting. 

This good old boy is trying to backdoor it back into the states as a deputy after realising he didn't have a chance in hell of getting re-elected as a Senator. He must also be hoping that there is a miracle out there with his name on it he really must.  Lets be honest here, he is a laughing stock, a man who has had his time. He should just  now bow out and enjoy his retirement. 

Terry along with one of his (or so he thinks) running partners have, in their election literature, tried to make big play of fellow candidates "illegally" assisting voters fill out a form to enable frail pensioners/disabled to request a postal vote....although that's not quite how they've put it in their literature.

One can see the thinking behind this as far as the Establishment are concerned. Terry has had his brushes with the law, he's been publicly accused of planning corruption and as far as we can make out is still under investigation for this. He was also asked to stand down as Housing Minister for possibly abusing his position by allegedly attempting to influence the outcome of a court case involving an "acquaintance" of his. There was something about signature fraud and Data Protection that he has been linked with in the past also. So if Terry has all this hanging over him, who told him it was a good idea to start bringing up "criminality" etc? Whether he is guilty, or not, of all this the Establishment know that sh-t sticks. If he was being well advised, he would have been told to keep away from the personality politics and certainly keep away from the criminality stuff.

It might be argued that's what he was advised but chose not to listen. That being the case then the Establishment would see him as a liability. The Establishment are nothing if not obedient and loyal

Enjoy his speech - we all did 

Rico Sorda

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Sir Philip

This is the email I received from Editor Chris Bright and  my reply. I think it speaks for itself. The total lack of any respect shown to the Abuse Survivors is beyond belief.


From: Chris Bright  Sent: 23 September 2011 14:41 To: Corinne Wiseman Subject: Message for Rico Sorda


Dear Mr Sorda,

It has been brought to my attention that you have come into possession of, and circulated, a private email sent by me to Miss **** ****.

I have no idea, and no wish to spend time ascertaining, why you should have felt entitled to publish my private correspondence, but kindly refrain from  such discourteous behaviour in the future.

Chris Bright,


Dear Mr Bright
Thank you for your email.
I had best start at the beginning.  I was contacted by an abuse survivor who was disgusted by your crass reply to an email they had sent you.  Some very serious concerns were raised by this person regarding the biased reporting in respect of such issues as the historic child abuse enquiry (the "HCAE"), continued vilification of former Senator Stuart Syvret and the non-reporting of the serious issues surrounding the former investigating officer of the HCAE, Mick Gradwell, leaking information during a live investigation.
Having read your reply I was left in shock.  You could not have shown more disdain for this person if you had tried.  Your reply lacked compassion and understanding of what the victims of abuse have been through.  Could it be that the tone of your reply can be interpreted in itself as an explanation of the JEPs apparent stance on these issues being as you are its chief editor?  In an island which has only one newspaper, is it not right for the local populus to expect some fair and balanced reporting?  Considering the level of accountability that Rupert Murdoch, heading up a newspaper with a readership of only 40%, has had to face in respect of certain ethical matters, surely an individual heading up a newspaper with 100% market readsership should be prepared to be called to account for statements made in written correspondence to a member of the public.
With the forthcoming committee of enquiry into the HCAE, it is imperative that the role of the local mainstream media is considered.  They have done nothing but trash the HCAE and so with it the credibility of the abuse survivors themselves.  I find it hard to understand why the JEP, CTV and BBC Jersey have acted in this way rather than investigating the allegations made and reporting their findings in an impartial fashion.  Who now, other than certain politicians, will feel that they can turn to the media for help and support?  I feel that the JEP is fully aligned with the old feudal power of Jersey.  It does not surprise me that it has thrown its weight behind Sir Philip Bailhache in the forthcoming senatorial elections, but who could forget the Roger Holland affair, the Liberation Day 2008 speech and the Jarvis Dykes fiasco?
The JEP can no longer get away with its non-credible reporting as time and technology has caught up with it.
Please show the abuse survivors the common respect they deserve.
Kind regards
 Rico Sorda

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Senator Perchard & Mick Gradwell big buddy 

David Rose

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse concerning the coverage of our MSM, I received an email from an Abuse Survivor that made me mad and even more determined to expose the people who should be leading the charge in reporting the facts and bringing closure to so many.

You can read it here and make yore own minds up

It what Chris Bright doesn't say that is staggering.

This is my reply;

Cc:,,,,,,,,,, "jep" , "Jim Perchard" , "ben queree" , "Ben Shenton" , "Bob Hill" ,, "Jersey Care Leavers Association" ,,, "Terry Le Sueur" ,,,,, "Paul Routier" , "Sean Power" , "roy herissier" ,,,,,,,, "Daniel Wimberley" ,,

Dear CTV, Members of the Press/States Members 

As you have been aware, I have been trying to get answers from the Jersey MSM about their very biased and shameful reporting of the Jersey Historic Abuse Investigation. You can see from the response to my email below that they are finding this quite difficult to do.

Let's not forget, we are on about decades long child abuse in the care of the States of Jersey. 

This week an abuse survivor got in touch with me about an email exchange with the JEP. They had contacted the JEP with some concerns.  Let me remind you again that this is an abuse survivor. The JEP's response is staggering.

The reply from the editor Chris Bright is simply shocking (or lack of it)

Before we even try and get our heads around his offensive reply I find his attitude endemic of how child abuse survivors are treated, an attitude that is not far off some of the letters his paper has been publishing from certain individuals.  What is it in our culture that we cannot seem to face up to and deal with what went on in the past?  Is it that the feelings of abuse survivors and getting to the truth come second to the manufactured image of Jersey?

I will let you read the email exchange and come to your own conclusions, but someone should tell Chris Bright to start reading some submissions and transcripts of the heinous crimes that his paper is covering up.

Since my last email I have again received threats but this is the price I am willing to pay to ensure that the truth is exposed and that every person who has suffered at the hands of perpetrators in the care of the States of Jersey can find some form of closure in the not too distant future.

None of the addressees have replied to the question I raised in my previous email.  That speaks volumes.

Kind regards

Rico Sorda

Team Voice

----- Forwarded Message -----

From: ***** ****

To: "" <>

Sent: Tuesday, 13 September 2011, 19:19

Subject: Disgusted Jersey Lady

Good Evening,


As I sat & read the jep (which was given to me as I don't waste my money buying it) I was totally aghast & astonished, but then I sat back & thought NO I am not after all it is the jep & they only print what they want to or what the States tell them too (which they totally deny)


As a victim of abuse when I was a child at H.D.L.G & my abusers locked away in Prison, That to you lot  is not important, you treat us victims like the States do and that is the Great Unwashed (A person of a lower order who is looked down upon by most of society)


But to you what is important is to yet again persecute Mr Syvret, you pounced on that didn't you instead of reporting on what needs to be reported on, But sadly our Media just want to ruin peoples life & make there lives a misery.


Should you not be reporting on the really important issues like the Lying, Conniving Mick Gradwell who it is known leaked very sensitive information to David Rose, No of course you won't will you, all you are interested in is Trashing the Child Abuse Investigation, no thought at all for us victims.


But should we expect any different from our Media. NO!!!!!


As long as you are making people lives even more of a MISERY then you are happy, between you & the States you should both be totally ashamed of yourselves.


I have kept quite for a long time but I have finally got to point where I am sick to the back teeth of our Media & it is about time you were told how utterly slimy you really are.


I will show just how low you will go :- we were sat in the cafe opposite the Court Building awaiting having to go and relive all the horrendous, vile, disgusting abuse we suffered as children, you have no idea how we felt & you could not have cared less, and the minute you knew it was victims you were shoving the cameras in our faces, no thought for how we were feeling or anything. So if that is not the lowest of the low then I don't know what is.


I look forward to hearing you lame excuses & how you can justify why you are not doing your job & reporting what you should be.


**** ****

From: **** **** 

Sent: 19 September 2011 16:56

To: Corinne Wiseman

Cc: Tina Jewison

Subject: Fw: Disgusted Jersey Lady


Dear Mrs Jewison,


Here is the email I origanally sent on Tuesday 13th September. As you can see below & nobody has even had the decency to reply to me in anyway.


----- Forwarded Message -----

From: Corinne Wiseman

To:**** ****

Sent: Tuesday, 20 September 2011, 15:06

Subject: RE: Disgusted Jersey Lady

Dear **** ****

As requested, I acknowledge receipt of your email of 19 September and confirm that I will not be responding to your vague, offensive and unsubstantiated allegations.

Chris Bright,



Friday, 16 September 2011


This is my exchanges with CTV

From: rico sorda

Subject: Very Important


Cc:,,,,,,,,,, "jep" , "Jim Perchard" , "ben queree" , "Ben Shenton" , "Bob Hill" ,, "Jersey Care Leavers Association" ,,, "Terry Le Sueur" ,,,,, "Paul Routier" , "Sean Power" , "roy herissier" ,,,,,,,, "Daniel Wimberley" ,

Date: Monday, 12 September, 2011, 20:22

Dear CTV

The reporting of the Jersey Main Stream Media

Could you please explain to me why the 'News' of the costs of Stuart Syvret's court cases made instant news today. You have flashed up £400,000 pounds with zero back-up information, could this be because its election time. This came up in the States of Jersey today. It came from an oral question from the disgraced Senator T. Le Main and you have jumped on it and reported it straight away.

Could you please explain to me why you have failed to report the news that a former Senior Investigating Officer of the Historic Child Abuse Investigation Mick Gradwell has been caught leaking information to Daily Mail Journalist David Rose who is a known historic child abuse denier. Thats right, you have reported nothing. Think about how serious that is. The leaking was done whilst the 'HCAE' was still live.

This was first mentioned when Deputy T Pitman asked an oral question to the Home Affairs Minister Senator Le Marquand. You can listen to the question with the link provided


Now, if it had been Lenny Harper im sure you would have splashed it everywhere. No one mentioned it, not CTV - BBC or the JEP why is that?

Lets look at what a police consultant said about the actions of D/S Mick Gradwell. This is taken from the transcripts of the Scrutiny Sub Panels Review into the BDO Report.

CTV why haven't you reported any of this? Is it because it goes against your opinion management?

You should have a duty to report an un-biased News but you fail, why is that?

What about the Abuse Survivors don't you think you have a duty of care towards them in reporting something as serious as a former SIO leaking material to a child abuse denier journalist - but you want to know about the exact price of a curry - Please Explain

You report Nothing

You have done Nothing but trash the Child Abuse Investigation

You splash the Syvret question all over your news within minutes of it being mentioned


Rico Sorda

As you know there is so much more information coming out the excellent BDO Review

Managing Director, BDO Alto Limited:

Yes, just to clarify, and it is in our written submission, the material that was leaked to the newspaper was not a BDO work product. I cannot comment on what was leaked to the media. As again we say in our written submission, we provide you with copies of the correspondence with Home Affairs on 5th October 2009. This matter was clearly brought to our attention. We were concerned that anything that was related to our review was finding its way into the national media. As I say, it was not a BDO report. There was not an interim report at that point in time. What appears to have been leaked were, again, some of the early drafts of some of [Police Consultant]’s work. He might want to say something about that.

Deputy R.G Le Hérrisier:

As a result of your subsequent inquiries and your contact with Home Affairs, did you come to a considered judgment as to how it had occurred and who had done it?

Managing Director, BDO Alto Limited:

I think, when we had an opportunity to have a look at the article that had been published on the Mail on Sunday, it became clear to us what material was being quoted from. Therefore, from our perspective, we were able to narrow down where that material had gone, but as I say it was not a BDO interim report. It was not an interim report at all, in fact.

Police Consultant:

The circumstances of the source are as set down in my written submission. The source was [retired D/Superintendent]. He has admitted that to me in telephone conversations. He first telephoned me about a week or so after the article appeared. I had already worked out that it was probably him.

Police Consultant:

I deplore what he did. I have told him I deplore what he did. In terms of why he did it, you would have to ask him. He says - so what he told me - and he has repeated that in recent telephone conversations that he has made to me arising out of the establishment of this Panel that he did not give copies of my written work, but he disclosed the contents of some of them to a reporter. It was not BDO at all. It is not me. It was not Wiltshire or [then Acting Police Chief]. It was [retired D/Superintendent].

From: rico sorda

Subject: Re: Very Important


Cc:,,,,,,,,,, "jep" , "Jim Perchard" , "ben queree" , "Ben Shenton" , "Bob Hill" ,, "Jersey Care Leavers Association" ,,, "Terry Le Sueur" ,,,,, "Paul Routier" , "Sean Power" , "roy herissier" ,,,,,,,, "Daniel Wimberley" ,

Date: Wednesday, 14 September, 2011, 16:24

Dear CTV/ News Editor

Could you please let me know why you have failed to report the leaking of confidential police information from former senior investigating officer of the historic child abuse investigation Mick Gradwell. This dates back to November 2008 when David Rose continued his articles on trashing the Child Abuse Investigation.

This is the same Journalist that was leaked information in early 2008 from a sitting Senator and confirmed in two Sworn Affidavits and Scrutiny Transcripts.

Do you not understand how serious this is? Yet you report nothing

Why would a Senator and D/Sup Mick Gradwell be leaking information to a Journalist that is trashing the Jersey Historic Child Abuse Investigation?

Why aren't you or your Journalists asking these questions?

Why is it left to a member of the public like me to ask these questions?

I have faced death threats, racist abuse, threats to my job etc etc because im prepared to ask the questions that any Journalist or News Outlet should be bending over backwards to ask.

The people who run our Media Outlets are far to close to the real power in Jersey. This is why our News is so controled.

Look forward to your reply

Rico Sorda


Dear Mr Sorda,

Flag this message

Re: Fwd: Very Important

Friday, 16 September, 2011 16:03


"Karen Rankine"

Add sender to Contacts


Thankyou for your email.

Channel Television reports on all sittings of Jersey's States, and our news team chooses the most newsworthy stories for our programme and website.

From Monday's meeting our news team covered the questions asked to the Treasury Minister on the failed purchase of Lime Grove House for a new police HQ, the damage to the Duke of Normandy tug, and the cost of prosecuting Stuart Syvret.

Our reporting on all of those stories was unbiased and based on the facts as discussed in the States.

If you follow our coverage, you are probably aware we have already covered a number of stories on the Scrutiny panel review into the financial management of Operation Rectangle. Indeed we had Deputy Trevor Pitman on the programme for a live interview on the subject.

Yours Sincerely,

Karen Rankine


Dear States Members/ CTV

You will be aware that I have been asking some very serious questions of the 'NONE' coverage of CTV concerning the leaking of information my former D/Supt Mick Gradwell to known historic child abuse denier journalist David Rose who worked for the Daily Mail and who's articles appeared in the Mail on Sunday.

Why do you think I cant get a straight answer from CTV?

Is it because CTV did an exclusive interview with Mick Gradwell? Remember the interviews on CTV when Mick Gradwell spent all his time trashing the child abuse investigation instead of telling us how he had brought it forward.

Do any of you States Members smell a rat yet?

Im asking the questions based on facts and research

Look at the reply sent by Karin Rankine below - she could give Senator Ozouf a run for his money in not answering questions. Does this not worry any of you?

Look at what I asked - look at the reply

Dear Mr Sorda,

Thankyou for your email.

Channel Television reports on all sittings of Jersey's States, and our news team chooses the most newsworthy stories for our programme and website.

From Monday's meeting our news team covered the questions asked to the Treasury Minister on the failed purchase of Lime Grove House for a new police HQ, the damage to the Duke of Normandy tug, and the cost of prosecuting Stuart Syvret.

Our reporting on all of those stories was unbiased and based on the facts as discussed in the States.

If you follow our coverage, you are probably aware we have already covered a number of stories on the Scrutiny panel review into the financial management of Operation Rectangle. Indeed we had Deputy Trevor Pitman on the programme for a live interview on the subject.

Yours Sincerely,

Karen Rankine

"Channel Television reports on all sittings of Jersey's States, and our news team chooses the most newsworthy stories for our programme and website."

lol, a price of a curry is more important than a Senior Investigating Officer of an Historic Child Abuse Investigation leaking information to David Rose - the same person who was involved in the now infamous press conference of November 12th 2008 that had the former Chief of Police suspended - which also involved the former Home Affairs Minister Andrew Lewis who now thinks the coast is clear in continuing his political ambitions - Mr Lewis what about that phone call on the early evening of November 11th 2008? Yes, I await his possible re-election.

Research and Facts - Something Lacking with the Jersey Main Stream Media

I will leave you with this

Could everyone copied into this please answer this simple question

How many Exclusive News Stories have the Jersey 'MSM' Investigated and broken that has gone against the ruling Government, held them to account, and has been a benefit to the people of Jersey?

Think about it

Look forward to your replies

Kind Regards

Rico Sorda