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  • Mr. Kellett explained that he had circulated copies of his work on a confidential basis to the Acting Chief Officer, to Mr. Gradwell, to the Wiltshire team and to BDO Alto for feedback and comments. In a telephone conversation after the article had appeared Mr. Gradwell admitted to Mr. Kellett that he had been responsible for the leak. Mr. Kellett said that he deplored this action.
  • The States of Jersey Police submission confirmed this and described the circumstances as follows:
D/Supt M Gradwell left Jersey in August 2009 and retired from the police service on 2 September 2009. Prior to leaving and unbeknown to the States of Jersey authorities, Mr. Gradwell gave a number of press briefings which were critical of the investigation led by Mr. Harper. During the course of these briefings, it is evident that Mr. Gradwell made verbal references to extracts from the BDO Alto report on financial matters. This was wholly improper and less than helpful to the ongoing enquiry. [ ] Mr. Gradwell is on public record as accepting that he quoted information from notes later incorporated in the report, but he vehemently denies ‘leaking’ a copy of the report to the media.


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Below is a very important timeline from the day the Former Chief of Police Graham Power was suspended on November 12th 2008 to the day he got suspended for 'Operation Blast' his second suspension on July 31st 2009 and loosing his Judicial Review on September 8th 2009.

Over the coming weeks I will be taking a more in depth look at the points raised below in the timeline. I just want my readers to see what has been going on with our Government and Police. I can tell my readers that none of the below is hearsay. All can be backed up with documented evidence if need be.

The only point where I offer my opinion is on the police raid of former Senator Stuart Syvret. You will get my drift as you read the timeline.

On June 16th 2009 Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand brought Operation Blast to the States of Jersey and the public of Jersey. What we will be looking at is the disastrous and incompetent actions of Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand and the integrity of ACO David Warcup.

I thought I had seen it all but alas thats not the case

Investigative Journalism supplied by the bloggers.

Let the journey begin

Rico Sorda

Team Voice


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voiceforchildren: A Snapshot of Jersey Justice/Administration.

voiceforchildren: A Snapshot of Jersey Justice/Administration.: The first segment is of former Health Minister Stuart Syvret which he published on his own Blog HERE The second is a member of public wh...

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voiceforchildren: Stuart Syvret Super Injunction Part 2

voiceforchildren: Stuart Syvret Super Injunction Part 2: In continuation of our  PREVIOUS POSTING  we bring readers/viewers part 2 of the exclusive interview with former Health Minister Stuart ...

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On September 23rd 2012 I laid down a challenge to the Jersey Evening Post ("JEP")  and their editors to put up or shut up. This was to do with them referring to bloggers as conspiracy theorists. I laid down the challenge. I wanted it done on an open platform in the BBC Jersey studios. I wanted the public to also have their say by phoning - emailing and any other means possible. 

The Blog and challenge can be read here.

Rico Sorda

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voiceforchildren: No-Body-Remains

voiceforchildren: No-Body-Remains: With yet another promise being broken to the Abuse Survivors, and the people of Jersey, in that the Council of Ministers are now saying ther...

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RICO SORDA: The Jep Editorial

RICO SORDA: The Jep Editorial: From: rico sorda  Subject: THE JERSEY EVENING POST To: i.gorst@gov.je Cc: i.lemarquand@gov.je, A.Breckon@gov.je, "Jersey Care Le...

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voiceforchildren: Stuart Syvret, The Rule of Law, and The BBC.

voiceforchildren: Stuart Syvret, The Rule of Law, and The BBC.: In part two of our in-depth and exclusive interview with Former Senator, and Health Minister, Stuart Syvret we discuss, very briefly, some...

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voiceforchildren: "Deep" questions remain.

voiceforchildren: "Deep" questions remain.: On the 12th November 2008 Mick Gradwell and acting Chief Police Officer David Warcup issued a press release, which was re-produced on VFP ...

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voiceforchildren: He Could Be In The Toilet.

voiceforchildren: He Could Be In The Toilet.: Further to our PREVIOUS POSTING  where we published an open letter from Former Senior Investigating Officer of Jersey's Child Abuse Enqu...

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voiceforchildren: Leah McGrath Goodman Banned from UK and Jersey

voiceforchildren: Leah McGrath Goodman Banned from UK and Jersey: U.S. Investigative Journalist and best selling author  Leah McGrath Goodman  has been banned from entering Britain and Jersey as revealed ...

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voiceforchildren: Inside Out Jersey Child Abuse.

voiceforchildren: Inside Out Jersey Child Abuse.: Former Deputy Chief Officer and Senior Investigating Officer of Jersey's Child Abuse Investigation, Lenny Harper, has kindly responded...

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voiceforchildren: No-Body-Remains

voiceforchildren: No-Body-Remains: With yet another promise being broken to the Abuse Survivors, and the people of Jersey, in that the Council of Ministers are now saying ther...

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voiceforchildren: Stuart Syvret, The Rule of Law, and The BBC.

voiceforchildren: Stuart Syvret, The Rule of Law, and The BBC.: In part two of our in-depth and exclusive interview with Former Senator, and Health Minister, Stuart Syvret we discuss, very briefly, some...

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voiceforchildren: VFC News Review 2012 Part 2

voiceforchildren: VFC News Review 2012 Part 2: Part two of VFC News Review 2012 continues with a compilation of news/events published on Blogs (Jersey's only independent media) most...

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Public Debate.

4TH APRIL 2013


A meeting has been organised for residents of St Brelade and St Peter to hear from the 3 campaign groups and for the public to have their say on electoral reform ahead of the referendum on 24th April.

The meeting is being organised by St Brelade Deputy Montfort Tadier. He is part of The A Team, the group campaigning for Option A , however, he says that the meeting will be an opportunity for the public to hear speakers from all 3 of the groups.

‘Representatives from A, B and C have been invited and have indicated they will field speakers. It is vitally important that people are engaged in what is Jersey’s first real referendum on a significant constitutional matter.’ Said Deputy Tadier

‘I believe all three groups are keen to see as many people turn out to vote as possible, and public debates such as these can only be a good thing.’

‘I am very excited about the possibility for change for the better. We have a once in a life time opportunity to get this right and I hope the public will also be motivated by this thought.’ The meeting will take place at Communicare at 7pm on Friday 12th April.

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The Case Of Rose Shepherd. Essential reading. The Magistrate Court of Jersey. Fit for purpose???

I have copied this from "therightofreply" blogspot. It is essential reading and needs a wide audience. The issues regarding the Magistrate Court need addressing ASAP. They are stacking up like a stack of cards. Im sure there will be more postings on this subject.

"Woman Jailed For 5 Months After Report Is Ignored"

"Another Shocking Indictment Of A
Corrupt System"

This little story sees Magistrate Bridget Shaw back under the spotlight yet again!

Practicing law from the bench without having any regard for the evidence.

Rose Shepherd was accused of drink driving yet she states that she did not have a drink prior to driving that day. Her home was unlawfully invaded by police with an illegal search warrant that wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.

This is the garbage written by the JEP

There was also some connivance on the part of the police with regard to the evidence, e.g a wine bottle. The police entered the home of Rose Shepherd amid the claim (anonymous phone call to the police) that she had been driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. Rose was adamant that she had not, yet freely admitted to having drank some wine on her return home whilst she was preparing dinner for her mother.

The police asked her to produce the wine bottle and the glass she had been drinking from, however, Rose could not find the bottle or the glass!

Why ever not?

Well, the police had swiped the bottle and glass and hidden it in the back of the police car without her knowledge, why would they do this if not to stitch her up?

Why would they want to stitch her up?

It may just have something to do with the fact she happened to be dating John Welsh, Curtis Warren's alleged right hand man. Rose, who would not have known what was alleged to have been going on with regards to Warren and Welsh, was obviously unable to assist the police with their inquiries in this regard and this appears to be the motive for their little vendetta.

Also worthy of note is the fact that when Rose was going to her car she saw her ex boyfriend, who just by chance had been sending her vicious text messages the night before. He also used the phrase "It's who you know"....now why would he say that?
The police later came back to her home with an unlawful search warrant, and whilst no one else was present, this was for the purpose of searching for the bottle and glass that they had already stolen from her home. Rose firmly believes that they were actually searching for drugs, they obviously didn't find any as Rose has nothing to do with drugs.

Rose was breathalyzed and charged with drink driving and later appeared in court. When the court heard that the warrant was illegal, the case was adjourned, the court later reconvened and the illegal warrant was no longer an issue for some inexplicable reason. Bridget Shaw was asked to recuse herself from hearing the case any further, which she refused to do.

The official States Analyst was called in by the prosecution to do a report about the alcohol level found in Rose Shepherd's system, he concluded from the evidence that she was not over the drink drive limit at the time of driving, which limit is 35 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath.

The legal alcohol limit for drivers in the UK is:
  • 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath
  • 80 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood
  • 107 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of urine

Bridget Shaw continued with the case ignoring the fact that the warrant was unlawful, and took no notice of the evidence given by the States Analyst. Rose was found guilty simply on the arbitrary opinion of the Magistrate, Bridget Shaw, and was locked up for five months and banned from driving for four years. To date, there has been no proof of the alleged anonymous phone call, or any recording of it. Rose has never seen a statement from any of the police officers either!

Rather convenient isn't it?

The States Analysts report is below.

"Jersey, World Leaders In Corruption!"

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voiceforchildren: State Controlled Media.

voiceforchildren: State Controlled Media.: In this final episode of our exclusive and in-depth interview with Jersey's Former Deputy Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, and ...

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voiceforchildren: Former Police Chief Exclusive.

voiceforchildren: Former Police Chief Exclusive.: In November 2008 Jersey's most senior Police Officer was (possibly illegally) suspended from duty during the biggest Child Abuse Investiga...

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Leah McGrath Goodman Latest Update.

Readers of our sister site VFC and most Jersey Blogsites will be aware of author and Investigative Journalist Leah McGrath Goodman who was banned from Britain and Jersey after it became apparent that she was researching Child Abuse and possible murder at children's Home Haute de la Garenne.

Jersey Deputy Trevor Pitman started an e-petition in order to help bring pressure on the powers that be to restore Miss Goodman's visa which has now exceeded 3,000 signatures.

Here is the latest update from Leah McGrath Goodman from that petition.

It is very uplifting to see people speaking out around the world in defense of children and the free press. I read all of your comments and they do help me a great deal on this journey.

So far, this petition has done more than I ever expected in exerting pressure on the Powers That Be, letting them know that wealth and privilege should never trump the principles of a true democracy.

You are the ones who will not sit by in silence – and if I am allowed back into the UK, it will be because of you. As for the latest twist in this labyrinth: the last you heard from me, I had just submitted (again) for a UK visa to investigate longstanding allegations of violence against children in the UK – in some cases, involving accusations of murder, particularly at an orphanage on the island of Jersey called Haut de la Garenne.

I submitted for the visa 30 November. I still await a response from the UK.

This will be the third time I have applied to enter the UK since the date of my banning in September 2011. (The other two visas were denied, despite my clean record and former Tier-1 visa status as a UK resident.)

Based on the fact that 90% of UK visa applications are cleared within 21 days, according to the UK’s own statistics, it appears as though someone does not want my application to go through.

So far, we have only heard that my application has been received by the UK, but not processed. Last week, I received a form letter from the British Consulate in New York stating that my application had been delayed. The reason: it required “further processing.” No additional information was given.

We have inquired with Jersey Immigration as to what the reason for this could be. They have said there is no cause for concern.

In light of the resistance I have faced for the past year in my efforts to complete my research in the UK, it is clear I may only be allowed to return by harnessing strength in numbers. You are those numbers.

Seeing as this is a numbers game, please urge at least one other person (or many others) to sign this petition before the New Year. It will make all the difference. So long as the UK bars me from entering the country, its free press is not guaranteed and the safety of its children remains in question. But as long as this group grows, it shows it cannot and will not be silenced.

With your help, I will see my visa restored in 2013.

All the best – and happy holidays.


Please sign, and share, the petition from HERE?