Tuesday, 10 September 2013

voiceforchildren: Stuart Syvret Super Injunction Part 2

voiceforchildren: Stuart Syvret Super Injunction Part 2: In continuation of our  PREVIOUS POSTING  we bring readers/viewers part 2 of the exclusive interview with former Health Minister Stuart ...


Anonymous said...

The legal apparatus of this island has been HIJACKED
and for the most dubious of ends and effects

The fascistly inclined amongst us will accept this because it has been done to SYVRET, which in their minds makes it OK.
Mr. Syvret is a Ex-Health Minister of this island and has been the election poll topper on at least one occasion
But he fascistly inclined will suffer this moral and intellectual disconnect because of years of exposure to anti-Syvret propaganda and omission in the island's state-affiliated media.
This is a similar social dynamic that Nazi propagandists utilised to condition the German population into accepting the wholesale violation of the demonised Jewish populations of Europe.

This super-injunction, gagging order, or whatever you wish to call it was highly dubious even before you hear the manner in which it was achieved without the victim being informed of the case or given the opportunity to contest it prior to the visitation by the local "Stasi".

The following is a shocking comment from

---10 Sept2013 13:21 Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret Says:--- TO FOLLOW

Anonymous said...

Re ABOVE ---10 Sept2013 13:21 Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret Says:---

That was the day two uniformed Officers of the Judicial Greffe turned up - banging on my door.

They had with them two huge file-transfer-cases - each consisting about 5 giant lever-arch files. They informed me this was a legal action that had not only been initiated against me - but had actually already been heard by the court - and decided - not only in total secrecy - but also without my - the respondent's - knowledge.

The two thugs demanded entry into the flat.

I asked them if they had a search-warrant and if they had some kind of power of entry?

They said "no", so I said I was not letting them in. They proceeded to explain to me that this was a court-order - that had been heard in camera - and ex-parte - and in a nutshell I had to immediately remove all kinds of material from the blog - or I would be arrested by the police and simply jailed immediately for contempt of court.

They went to some lengths to emphasise that point, explaining - so that I was left in no doubt - that as the court-order had been granted already - it was not a case of further court-hearings - rather, as the order had already been made - any failure to obey it would be a contempt of court, and the police were empowered to simply come around, arrest me, and put me straight in prison.

Such are the overt - illegal - oppressions that independent journalists, opposition activists and anti-corruption campaigners face in the UK Crown island of Jersey.

The local oligarchy know perfectly well that 99.9% of people would be harassed and intimidated into caving-in to such fascism - which is how they've got away with it for centuries.

I, of course, instead did what one should do - and could do - in any lawful democracy - with an actually functioning judicial system - and contacted the court and sought to call an urgent hearing to challenge this injunction and have it overturned.

This being Jersey - and it's "judicial" function being a plainly unlawful Potemkin village - the court administration ignored my communications - and refused to provide an urgent hearing. Nevertheless, I attended the court building at the time I had requested - and - predictably - the door was locked.

So - this "justice" - Jersey-style.

Grossly oppressive - and plainly unlawful - super-injunctions - can get served on an individual - without them even being aware that the case exists, and thus having zero opportunity to argue against it - served by a judge, initially Howard Page - a long-standing colleague and admirer of Philip Bailhache and Michael Birt, the two primarily conflicted individuals, and with Page actually being chosen and appointed by Birt - with the first thing the victim knows about the existence of the case being two gorillas banging on his door - telling him that unless he obeys an order that means the end of real journalism in Jersey - he will simply be arrested and imprisoned. In secret.

And when the victim attempts to resits this - the court refuses to give him an urgent hearing.

That's the court led by Michael Birt and William Bailhache.

That is exactly what happened.

Jersey is not a democracy - not a jurisdiction that has the proper rule of law.


Anonymous said...

Ref their "Jewish problem" - I mean "Syvret problem": How long before the fascistly inclined shysters invoke the "final solution" ? .........be assured that they would if they thought they could get away with it without London finally intervening or Jersey's Rohypnol-population waking up and suffering total recall of the HDLG child abuse cover up and so much more.

On past form Jersey's majority will just bend over as usual ..........and hope that it is not them personally who are chosen for shafting ........or their children ........

As was predicted/published on Jersey-blogs several years ago, The nest of shysters do employ proxies to fight their battles and to attempt the charade of "arms-length separation - so they had better keep their deranged blackshirt chained up and in his kennel LOL
spare a thought for his poor bitch :-x