Thursday, 6 October 2011

Senator Le Main - your retirement needs you.

Terry doing what he does best

The Great Senator Le Main

AKA - Captain Jersey 

Below is the video of Senator Le Main's  speech at the St Helier No 2 husting. 

This good old boy is trying to backdoor it back into the states as a deputy after realising he didn't have a chance in hell of getting re-elected as a Senator. He must also be hoping that there is a miracle out there with his name on it he really must.  Lets be honest here, he is a laughing stock, a man who has had his time. He should just  now bow out and enjoy his retirement. 

Terry along with one of his (or so he thinks) running partners have, in their election literature, tried to make big play of fellow candidates "illegally" assisting voters fill out a form to enable frail pensioners/disabled to request a postal vote....although that's not quite how they've put it in their literature.

One can see the thinking behind this as far as the Establishment are concerned. Terry has had his brushes with the law, he's been publicly accused of planning corruption and as far as we can make out is still under investigation for this. He was also asked to stand down as Housing Minister for possibly abusing his position by allegedly attempting to influence the outcome of a court case involving an "acquaintance" of his. There was something about signature fraud and Data Protection that he has been linked with in the past also. So if Terry has all this hanging over him, who told him it was a good idea to start bringing up "criminality" etc? Whether he is guilty, or not, of all this the Establishment know that sh-t sticks. If he was being well advised, he would have been told to keep away from the personality politics and certainly keep away from the criminality stuff.

It might be argued that's what he was advised but chose not to listen. That being the case then the Establishment would see him as a liability. The Establishment are nothing if not obedient and loyal

Enjoy his speech - we all did 

Rico Sorda