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Senator Perchard & Mick Gradwell big buddy 

David Rose

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse concerning the coverage of our MSM, I received an email from an Abuse Survivor that made me mad and even more determined to expose the people who should be leading the charge in reporting the facts and bringing closure to so many.

You can read it here and make yore own minds up

It what Chris Bright doesn't say that is staggering.

This is my reply;

Cc:,,,,,,,,,, "jep" , "Jim Perchard" , "ben queree" , "Ben Shenton" , "Bob Hill" ,, "Jersey Care Leavers Association" ,,, "Terry Le Sueur" ,,,,, "Paul Routier" , "Sean Power" , "roy herissier" ,,,,,,,, "Daniel Wimberley" ,,

Dear CTV, Members of the Press/States Members 

As you have been aware, I have been trying to get answers from the Jersey MSM about their very biased and shameful reporting of the Jersey Historic Abuse Investigation. You can see from the response to my email below that they are finding this quite difficult to do.

Let's not forget, we are on about decades long child abuse in the care of the States of Jersey. 

This week an abuse survivor got in touch with me about an email exchange with the JEP. They had contacted the JEP with some concerns.  Let me remind you again that this is an abuse survivor. The JEP's response is staggering.

The reply from the editor Chris Bright is simply shocking (or lack of it)

Before we even try and get our heads around his offensive reply I find his attitude endemic of how child abuse survivors are treated, an attitude that is not far off some of the letters his paper has been publishing from certain individuals.  What is it in our culture that we cannot seem to face up to and deal with what went on in the past?  Is it that the feelings of abuse survivors and getting to the truth come second to the manufactured image of Jersey?

I will let you read the email exchange and come to your own conclusions, but someone should tell Chris Bright to start reading some submissions and transcripts of the heinous crimes that his paper is covering up.

Since my last email I have again received threats but this is the price I am willing to pay to ensure that the truth is exposed and that every person who has suffered at the hands of perpetrators in the care of the States of Jersey can find some form of closure in the not too distant future.

None of the addressees have replied to the question I raised in my previous email.  That speaks volumes.

Kind regards

Rico Sorda

Team Voice

----- Forwarded Message -----

From: ***** ****

To: "" <>

Sent: Tuesday, 13 September 2011, 19:19

Subject: Disgusted Jersey Lady

Good Evening,


As I sat & read the jep (which was given to me as I don't waste my money buying it) I was totally aghast & astonished, but then I sat back & thought NO I am not after all it is the jep & they only print what they want to or what the States tell them too (which they totally deny)


As a victim of abuse when I was a child at H.D.L.G & my abusers locked away in Prison, That to you lot  is not important, you treat us victims like the States do and that is the Great Unwashed (A person of a lower order who is looked down upon by most of society)


But to you what is important is to yet again persecute Mr Syvret, you pounced on that didn't you instead of reporting on what needs to be reported on, But sadly our Media just want to ruin peoples life & make there lives a misery.


Should you not be reporting on the really important issues like the Lying, Conniving Mick Gradwell who it is known leaked very sensitive information to David Rose, No of course you won't will you, all you are interested in is Trashing the Child Abuse Investigation, no thought at all for us victims.


But should we expect any different from our Media. NO!!!!!


As long as you are making people lives even more of a MISERY then you are happy, between you & the States you should both be totally ashamed of yourselves.


I have kept quite for a long time but I have finally got to point where I am sick to the back teeth of our Media & it is about time you were told how utterly slimy you really are.


I will show just how low you will go :- we were sat in the cafe opposite the Court Building awaiting having to go and relive all the horrendous, vile, disgusting abuse we suffered as children, you have no idea how we felt & you could not have cared less, and the minute you knew it was victims you were shoving the cameras in our faces, no thought for how we were feeling or anything. So if that is not the lowest of the low then I don't know what is.


I look forward to hearing you lame excuses & how you can justify why you are not doing your job & reporting what you should be.


**** ****

From: **** **** 

Sent: 19 September 2011 16:56

To: Corinne Wiseman

Cc: Tina Jewison

Subject: Fw: Disgusted Jersey Lady


Dear Mrs Jewison,


Here is the email I origanally sent on Tuesday 13th September. As you can see below & nobody has even had the decency to reply to me in anyway.


----- Forwarded Message -----

From: Corinne Wiseman

To:**** ****

Sent: Tuesday, 20 September 2011, 15:06

Subject: RE: Disgusted Jersey Lady

Dear **** ****

As requested, I acknowledge receipt of your email of 19 September and confirm that I will not be responding to your vague, offensive and unsubstantiated allegations.

Chris Bright,




voiceforchildren said...


The reply from Chris Bright is nothing short of sickening. The e-mail was sent by a victim of Child Abuse and this is how our only "news" paper treats her? A reasoned reply could have been something along the lines of.

Dear Miss/Mrs. X

"I am sorry that you feel our newspaper has not reported accurately and fairly on the Child Abuse tragedy. Let me assure you we are not in the business of covering up stories and strive to keep our readers as fully informed as possible.

You appear to have a very low opinion of our reporting and I would like to do all that I can to assure you that your opinion could not be further from the truth and would be willing to meet with you in order to prove this.

I cannot apologise enough if any of our cameramen have shoved their cameras in your face and agree with you they would have had total disregard for your feelings and anguish.

Can I express my deep regret and sympathy for the Abuse you must have suffered at the hands of the people employed by the government to care for you. The tone, and content, of your e-mail suggests that you are still suffering greatly from your experiences and our paper would be very interested in running your story.

Please accept my assurances that you have the wrong idea about our newspaper and we would like the opportunity to prove this to you." etc.

But what does she get? Nothing but complete contempt.

This is a victim of Child Abuse Mr. Bright where are your morals?

GeeGee said...

What is it with Chris Bright that he calls these allegations 'unsubstantiated'? Why is he and his rotten paper so keen on the continuation of the cover up of the truth.

If you recall the JCLA wrote a letter to the JEP about the above 'journalist' and Gradwell and Perchard. a letter which they would not print for the same reasons.

Does he really think that Mike Kellett and Graham Power lied on oath when they confirmed these allegations which are therefore NOT unsubstantiated.

The Abuse Survivors are indeed treated as a piece of doggy poo on the bottom of 'their' shoes, whilst the truth of the matter is quite the reverse.

Keep at it Rico!

rico sorda said...


Now that's brilliant and shows how easy it is


voiceforchildren said...


You said. "Does he really think that Mike Kellett and Graham Power lied on oath when they confirmed these allegations which are therefore NOT unsubstantiated."

Ian Le Marquand also said, in the States, that all avenues of investigation led to Gradwell being the leak to the "journalist." (which NONE of the "accredited" media reported). The Channel Television reporters said they didn't hear him say it!!!!!!!!!!

I'm still sickened by the response given by Mr. Bright to the Abuse Survivor. I see Rico has copied in all the other "accredited" media, and ALL States Members, it will be interesting to see who out of them will PUBLICLY show their abhorrence and support the victim.

jons drinking arm said...

What a disgusting see you next tuesday.

With regards to threats, that kind of intimidation has been going on for years YEARS, against anyone who speaks out. I remember my old man who is deceased since i was around 12 saying you cant mess about with these people in the states as they will make your life a misery or at least try to. That was around 30 years ago and still the see you next tuesdays carry on in that same vain.

Its disgraceful but what can you expect in a tiny little island, things like that will take a long long time to get fixed and I doubt it will be in my lifetime or yours but at least you are trying.

I think it funny in the wrong way that the ozouf and bailhaiche brigade go on about personality politics being bad yet anyone disagreeing with them can have their personal lives destroyed at a whim. Ozouf in my opinion is a complete muppet but Bailhache in my opinion goes a lot further towards the see you next tuesday arena.

Anonymous said...

See you next Tuesday?

Anonymous said...

WHAT A HORRIBLE MAN AND A HORRIBLE REPLY! Its just what I sang at the 2010 Trafalger Square anti child abuse rally, "THEY HATE US FOR BEING ABUSED". Well, so they do!


jons drinking arm said...

C U Next Tuesday hopefully that helps

rico sorda said...

See you next Tuesday?

Look forward to it


rico sorda said...

Ok, it has now been explained to me


Anonymous said...

Can you explain to your readers Rico, I am lost.

I have heard of the ''Monday club'' See you next Tuesday has me flumixed.

rico sorda said...

It a bad word I just didn't get it as im a bit slow


Anonymous said...

I posted the comment with see you next tuesday in it, i thought it was a commonly known term and obviously is not. It is a polite way of saying a very, probably the worst swear word there is. Put a dot between each letter of the worst swear word you know and then hopefully you will get it.

I am sorry I used the phrase now but I couldnt use the word and despite trying to think of other words that were not a swear word to describe what I think of these people i couldnt come up with one better that really meant what i think of them.

If you still dont understand it then dont dwell on it, it is not some coded message or anything such like, just substitute the words for say "Despicable excuses for human beings" and that will be enough. Sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous said...

I am still shaken from reading the cruel reply to the abuse survivor. I am not an abuse survivor myself, nor even from your region, but I hate that we have in our world such creatures as this Chris Bright. It reminds me of history courses covering the Nazi mindset, and how perplexed we were when trying to grasp the societal acceptance of such a hateful mindset. That Mr Bright is in an editorial position is truly shocking, and I believe his behavior must be addressed by making it known to the public outside your island.

Take comfort, abuse survivors and all those who strive for what is good and right. This man's infamous words will be quoted for years to come, but only to establish how very perverse the Jersey media allowed itself to become during this strange era. When historians and other writers wrestle with the root causes of Jersey's decades of unaddressed pedophilia in state institutions, Chris Bright's words and his role in the island's only newspaper will best illustrate Jersey's entrenched cultural depravity.

p.s. You had a fine idea of copying it to all political candidates and media outlets. Official responses to the words of Chris Bright may be a useful divining rod for determining how widespread and acceptable his vicious sentiments really are.

Anonymous said...

To anon at 16.44. It is shocking that he would respond like that but let me shock you more by quoting a comment from a certain abuse denial blog

"Chris Bright must have a million better things to do than read pathetic e-mailes from people who claim to have had a crisis over 20 years ago and can only dwell on it"

I am surprised that even the abuse deniers blog would post such a thing. That one comment really does show the complete lack of empathy displayed by someone who has no regard for humanity. Probably the same sort of individual who subscribes to that phylosophy would also subscribe to watching news on the Tsunami or 9/11 or people dying through starvation or having there arms macheted so they cannot vote and say "why should I care, its just a crisis, it doesnt affect me and they should just get over it".

Absolute detestable creature.

Anonymous said...

SEE ABOVE (To anon at 16.44. It is shocking that he would respond like that but let me shock you more by quoting a comment from a certain abuse denial blog

"Chris Bright must have a million better things to do than read pathetic e-mailes from people who claim to have had a crisis over 20 years ago and can only dwell on it")

I have to question if the despicable, moronic abuse denier who had the audacity to write the above comment actually possesses any human characteristics at all!!! Sympathy? Empathy? Compassion? No, not an ounce! Not a speck!

I happen to know the abuse survivor concerned, "dwell on it"? I can assure you that abuse survivors do their utmost NOT to dwell on such things. Far from it. They have, in fact, spent their lives trying to forget their horrendous childhoods. The abuse, I can assure you all, was real, I was there, I saw it! How the hell these unfortunate victims have survived at all beats me and of course, sadly, many of them haven't survived but will always remain in our hearts.

Chris Bright's reply was contemptuous to say the least, just as is the behaviour from a lot of our States members. Time our abuse survivors were justly and rightly compensated for the miserable lives inflicted on them.

'Well done' Mr Le Sewer, you managed to delay proceedings until you would be out of office! Passed the buck just as we all knew you would. I hope that whoever the next chief minister is has the guts to do what is right and let these survivors finally move on with their lives.

"Crisis", is that what abuse is called now? I am only surprised that the usual insensitive comment of 'get over it' isn't in there too. I've heard it often enough. (Like abuse is akin to a dose of the flu)!

Abuse is not and never will be a CRISIS, abused do their best not to DWELL on their pasts but to attempt to make decent lives for themselves out of the tattered remains of what our system left them with.

Homo sapiens never ceases to amaze me!! With callous comments such as the above it is the sapiens bit which confuses me.

Callous, despicable creatures such as this should crawl back under the stones from where they slithered !!!!!!!!!!!!