Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Running for Chief Minister Mr Ozouf?

Running For Chief Minister
rico sorda  
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Dear  Senator Ozouf
Will you please let the Voting public of Jersey know if you will be standing for Chief Minister.
 My gutt feeling is that you are awaiting the result of the election before declaring your intention to run. This has more to do with head counting and face saving than any concerns the public might have.
So Senator, can you please tell us right now, do you intend standing for Chief Minister?
Show some bottle like Senator Le Marquand

And treat the electorate with some respect

Kind Regards
Rico Sorda


GeeGee said...

Treat the electorate with respect?

You are having a larf aren't you Rico. A man that cannot stand by promises he has made. A man who is now passing the buck on the Lime Grove up-cock. A man so obsessed with the Finance Industry that we mere peasants are only fit to be treated as such. A man who does not live in the real world.

Respect! - he does not know the meaning of the word.

Anonymous said...

He is obviously a weak man inside, if he had real courage he would stand proud and say he will run.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hill would make a great Chief Minister.

Res Nullius said...

A strong and courageous man would have resigned his seat and asked the public for their consent by putting his name in the hat for the next elections.

voiceforchildren said...


After hearing the evidence given by Mr. Flowers (under oath) today at the Scrutiny Hearing concerning Lime Grove/Police Station Philip Ozouf should be lucky to keep his seat, let alone run for Chief Minister.

There were a number of people there and one spoke to me "off the record". They said "Philip Ozouf is a shiver looking for a spine to crawl up but finding one (a spine) in the States Chamber is not an easy task".

Save to say this person is not a fan.

Just as revealing was the double that is Philip Ozouf and John Richardson are becoming more infamous by the day. As we know they have form

Anonymous said...

The civil servant linked to the failed deal to buy a new Police Headquarters in Jersey says the Treasury Minister took a "foolish gamble and lost".

Nick Le Cornu said...

A little learning is a dangerous thing;
drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
and drinking largely sobers us again.

Alexander Pope (1688 - 1744)

I have blogged extensively on the Lime Grove House hearings and hope these may help clarify the situation. It is unfortunate that not all transcripts are as yet on the Scrutiny website, especially those with David Flowers.

Two quotes from today may give a taster:

1. “What was the downside risk of chipping half a million off the price? Where was the risk assessment?”

2. “Why would the public want to drive a win/loose deal?”

I think we might have a Senatorial by-election on our hands.

The next Chief Minister will not be ......

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, VFC. That was a good reminder of the role Richardson played in the underhanded change of the terms of reference for the Napier Report. Very dishonest, he seems. Deputy Hill's articulate response is a classic.

rico sorda said...

Im still awaiting a reply from Senator Ozouf


voiceforchildren said...


Do you think you should send him a reminder? He has been busy doing his media PR bit concerning Lime Grove. Naturally the media have been accommodating him in the full knowledge of David Flowers being forbidden from speaking to the media............State controlled.

voiceforchildren said...


Will Scrutiny PAY THE PRICE?