Friday, 3 July 2009

The BUS FUSS and the NOISE that ANNOYS

Well happy Bus Users you might be wondering what has happened to the little matter of Noise aka Music on Connex Buses in Jersey.

You will remember from previous blogs on here and research undertaken by “The Voice” that the playing of radios and recorded tapes is illegal without a Performing Rights Society Licence for each vehicle – and that some members of the long suffering and paying public have protested. At least one complaining passenger was threatened with being thrown off the bus by one driver!!!!!

So now it transpires that TTS have issued instructions that the music must be removed unless Connex pay for the licences and Connex refuse to cough up the £60 or so per vehicle.

So who dear bus users actually wants the noise?

Well it transpires that it is the drivers who are insisting on keeping the noise for their own distraction whilst they are negotiating the hazards on Jersey roads!!!! And because Connex management is afraid to upset their staff during current wage negotiations the noise stays.

Once again the failure to enforce the law in Jersey when it doesn’t suit is exposed.
Even such a small matter as noise on buses is beyond Minister Constable Jackson and his TTS Department to control.
Let us hope that all these useless Constables are removed from the States soon. Now that is something worth making a noise about!!!!!!
Submitted by Thomas Wellard.


Anonymous said...

The Attorney General was asked for his support recently but he advised a complainant that "whether the PRS has any legal right to take action against Connex is a matter for the PRS and its advisers."
And "if Connex is at risk in respect of any such litigation, that is a matter for Connex and its advisers." He added;
"I do not think that this is a matter for me, however sympathetic I might personally be to your comment about the play of unwanted radio and recorded music on public transport."

So there you are - the law is presumably being broken but nobody really cares. Familar?

Anonymous said...

I think that we passengers who object to the bang, bang of radio 103 or prattling of Mr Barra during our journeys should make our own noise on the buses to drown out that drive(l). Give the idiot drivers a taste of their own medicine. A washboard could be good - or/& a football rattle thingy.
If they object - we could threaten to throw them off & see how they like it!

Anonymous said...

Cannot believe this! Why don't they stand up to them - if they walk out they won't get paid! This is ridiculous. Idiot bus drivers holding the island to ransom - it's laughable

Anonymous said...

You sad sad sad boring individuals moaning about music on a bus. Pathetic is what you are. You would rather a 20 to 40 minute carriage into town or elsewhere in utter silence yet what you fail to understand is that the more silent it becomes then more people will decide to listen to their walkmans instead.

Sorry to say it but what a pathetic life you must lead if that is what you want to moan about. You can ask to change the station you know!

Anonymous said...

Look here you selfish little twit. I don't want you to emit smells, noises or smoke in my space and I won't do it to you.
By all means stick a headset on your own silly head and blast out the little bit of brain that you might have but try to understand that 1 in 7 of the population have hearing impairments that noise pollution makes even worse. So besides all the possible problems that bus music might cause for those already with hearing impairments and the annoyance that might be caused to those that don't, or those that are trying to enjoy some peace and quiet, or a conversation or listen to any announcements about destinations (especially if they don't speak English).....well can I just suggest that you walk or use a bike.