Monday, 7 September 2009

Priveleged Press Parking Perks.

We at "The Voice" asked the Greffier, in March this year, for equal Royal Square parking rights as enjoyed by the so called "accredited" media (CTV, BBC and JEP).

We pointed out that one of our team has disabilities which make it difficult to carry video equipment etc.

The Greffier, Micheal De La Haye's reply included............"The media are only allowed to park very rarely in the Square and it is only to unload something bulky or conduct a quick interview, it certainly isn't long term parking............"

Yet, here is the bright red shiny BBC Jersey staff car parked in the Royal Square for nearly an hour on a non-States day (this Monday) so that the driver can do some shopping just before lunch.

Even H.M. Lt Governor does not enjoy such perks!!!!

Of course it's a total abuse of this facility and another aspect of the oh so cosy relationship that our "accredited" media enjoys and it's a jolly wheeze to have caught it on our Bloggers video. But it is a serious matter too because this public area is so important to wheelchair users and is their only safe route into, and out of, the Royal Court States Building complex.

Submitted by Thomas Wellard.


Anonymous said...

Ruddy cheek!

The road and parking area, which was once there, was removed for a very good reason - it was total eyesore.

But, there's always someone who could not care less, eh?

By the way, I am told that anyone can unload heavy items from vehicles on the square, if working there, and permission to do so can be had at the Town Hall.

I'm pretty sure shopping trips are excluded however!

voiceforchildren said...

We e-mailed the Greffier for his response.
He said it wasn't his problem and we should contact the Bailiff and/or TTS.
Pass the parking perks parcel......we wonder if any of our so called elected representatives will have the balls to raise the matter and risk spoiling his/her cosy relationship with the "accredited" Jersey media?
Team Voice.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it looks like the Headmaster will have to make a ruling on whether the "accredited press" can have an accredited parking place and the terms of its use. This certainly highlights the cosy relationship.

Anonymous said...

You say there were no sessions in the states but there was a court case happening in the royal court at the time which is in the same building.

Anonymous said...

"You say there were no sessions in the states but there was a court case happening in the royal court at the time which is in the same building."

Well, if there is one place no-one can take a camera that would be it!