Sunday, 4 October 2009

Jersey line in the sand - an impossible dream?

Our government is obsessed with development and growth and proposes to increase the population by yet another 8,000 to reach 100,00 residents.

There are already 15,000 people in Jersey living in lodgings of one sort or another. Yet the very latest Draft Island Plan proposes to build only 4,000 more dwellings (but only for those with housing qualifications) and most of these are to be crammed into the St Helier Ghetto.

Consultation papers seen by “The Voice” estimate that Jersey already needs another 10,000 units but when will anybody produce a plan that honestly attempts to solve Jersey’s horrendous housing problems?

(We apologise for the poor sound quality on some of this video)

Submitted by Thomas Wellard.


Anonymous said...

"St Helier Ghetto"? That's a bit strong isn't it?! It's hardly Soweto.

Anonymous said...

A few buildings on the coastline isn't New York either.

Damocles said...

There wasn't "enough" housing in the 60's and there isn't "enough" now yet there are far more people living here now and there are also far more dwelling units than there ever were. Building more houses to "solve" the housing problem did absolutely nothing except we have ended up with an even more crowded Island. This stupid idea that somehow the land use of the Jersey cow is preventing people being housed is just embarrassing to your cause. If all the cows were eaten - all the fields were concreted over - all the remaining woodland grubbed up - all the reserve areas like St Ouen's bay "developed" - it would have zero effect on the housing problem, it would just render Jersey increasingly unpleasant to live in