Thursday, 22 July 2010

More Scrutiny Secrecy…….but WHY?

The Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel consists of your Deputies Mike Higgins (Chair),
Carolyn Labey, Shona Pitman, Daniel Wimberley and Jeremy Macon.

The Rural Economy Scrutiny Sub-Panel appears to consist of your Deputies Labey, Wimberley and Roy Le Herissier.

Why do Scrutiny Panels bother to publish their Agenda for meetings at all if they are not open to the public, media and non-accredited journalists?

Why is this meeting the latest to be held wholly in private?

What do our so called elected representatives think they are doing behind closed doors? Whose government is this? What do they have to hide?

Submitted by Thomas Wellard


GeeGee said...

I do find this rather surprising, moreso as the politicians involved in this Scrutiny panel would, I would have thought, been ones who were more 'on side' for openness and transparency.

Are they obliged to give any reason why this meeting is not open to the public?

Tom said...

Talking of secrecy, does this site publish all comments, even ones that might not agree with the thesis? Or are any posts not in agreement kept secret for some inexpliacable reason?

Anonymous said...

Even Ben Queree in the JEP has commented on the deplorable two months government recess in Jersey. Why so he asks? Obviously with no government e-mails circulating our "accredited" journalists are forced to resort to old fashioned investigation if they want to write anything vaguely useful or interesting.
Ben also observes how there are no Scrutiny hearings either. It's yet another exposure of the failing Scrutiny process. What is is really for? Whose interests does it serve?
Does it really make so little difference if our government sits or scrutinizes?

Anonymous said...

Would this be the body that hasn't picked up the point that Rural Enterprise are giving grant aid to businesses wholly owned by 1.1 K's and French companies that employ no local people and pay no tax in Jersey.