Saturday, 18 June 2011

lyndon Farnham and his Chamber of Seats

Just what is the crack with this Guy? Does anybody know? I know his attendance record when he was a states member was horrific but why the big cob -on about the Senatorial Seats. So good is his decision making that he cant make up his mind if he is standing or not.  But what of Deputy Labey? Back she comes again and again with this proposition when really at the end of the day there is nothing wrong with fighting a contested election.  It's a numbers game, boss Ozouf has got his lackey to do the running around as per usual and will try and sweet talk a few members before the vote.  No matter what the ship is in serious waters.


UK fails to approve cutting Senators

Lyndon Farnham with the petition outside the Privy Council Office
THE UK has stalled plans to cut two Senatorial seats in October, leaving the way open for a last-minute push to reverse the move.
Campaigner Lyndon Farnham has received confirmation from the Privy Council that they did not sign off the cut at their June meeting and instead accepted his petition to delay it.
That means that Deputy Carolyn Labey’s proposal to keep the Senatorial seats for now can be debated by the States. It is scheduled for debate on 5 July.
• Full report in Saturday’s Jersey Evening Post
Article posted on 18th June, 2011 - 2.59

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Anonymous said...

If you were a government that had messed up so much, facing rising food prices, inflation and external forces beyond your control, and elections on the horizon you would be grateful for an diversionary issue with which to divert the attention of the electorate.

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Its such a shame that blogs don't have a 'like' button.....

Other Exile said...

If the report is accurate, what is even more revealing is that the UK Government, in the shape of the Privy Council, is prepared to block this change on the basis of the objections of a small minority, who are scared of losing their political grip, when real problems are completely ignored...

Anonymous said...

Is this the overpriced SPAR shops Lyndon Farnham?

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