Thursday, 7 June 2012

voiceforchildren: BBC Jersey Impartial, Balanced, Honest?

voiceforchildren: BBC Jersey Impartial, Balanced, Honest?: Just what is BBC Jersey's role in island news gathering and imparting that news to its listeners and viewers, fairly, objectively, honestly ...

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Tom Gruchy said...

SSTAG notes the lack of comments here and wonders if your readers are feeling a bit fed up with the accredited media in Jersey?
If so we suggest that they come down to the Eastern Good Companions Club at Le Marais on Thursday 14 June for our next public meeting starting at 3pm.
We have a wide agenda of social issues to discuss and it would be much better to participate at first hand rather than rely upon the "media" to report on it.
See you there - All are welcome.

Refer to the SSTAG blogsite on
for more details.