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RICO SORDA: MATT TAPP FILES - 8-OCTOBER 8TH -HUBRIS: Frank Walker former Chief Minister Bill Ogley former Chief Executive Matt Tapp - 8 NOW WE SEE THE ROLE OF MEDIA CO...

1. In August 2008 Tapp is contacted by DCO Warcup

2. Was contracted in September 2008

3. Came to Jersey on August 5th 2008

4. He has a set of TOR's, it was agreed that Tapp would conduct his report in two parts:

. Four days in situ in jersey, with access provided to all media coverage generated to date , all external communications strategies produced in relation to the investigation, and a detailed briefing of the investigation to date, including the substance of key witness statements

. The production, from his office in Cambridge , of a written report in line with the Terms of reference

6. On Sunday the 5th October Tapp flies to Jersey and commenced the review on Monday 6th October, based at the SOJP Headquarters in Rouge Bouillion

7. Tapp reached conclusions about the most appropriate way the SOJP should close this aspect of the investigation publicly , and how to proceed in terms of the external communications around the on-going child abuse investigation

8. Tapp says he shared his results and recommendations with Warcup & Gradwell

9. Tapp was made aware on Tuesday October the 7th by Warcup and Gradwell that Graham Power , had a very strong view about what the force should say to the media about conclusion of excavations at Haut De La Garenne, and this view differed significantly from my own.

10. Tapp made an appointment to see Graham Power on the Wednesday October 8th. That morning Tapp shared his conclusions and recommendations with Graham Power. The meeting lasted 45 minutes and as a result of the discussion Tapps position as consultant advisor to David Warcup was no longer tenable. He informs David Warcup and Mick Gradwell and makes arrangements to rearrange his flights back to England

11. Later that day, at the request of the Chief Executive of the States of Jersey, Bill Ogley, he attended a meeting with Mr Ogley during when they were joined by the Chief Minister. As a result of that meeting , the subsequent correspondence via email, he agreed to produce a report for the States of Jersey with the following , term of reference.

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