Thursday, 14 May 2009

More Human Rights….

It’s becoming almost impossible to sleep through States meetings these days because of the constant calls for Human Rights compliance.
Just look at our related current blog on VFC
If it’s not phone tapping or search without warrant or abuse of children it’s the general public wanting proper facilities in the public gallery of the States Chamber itself! Where oh where will it end?

Of course it never will.

Once again, have a look at the Vexed Bermoothes blogsite current posting on “Soft Censorship” in the little British paradise of Bermuda….(click on the link on this page)

It will all sound very familiar to anybody who is following our blogging/videoing battles in Jersey and our governmental restrictions and obstructions.

In Bermuda too the government doesn’t much like free expression of opinion or transparency and is trying to muzzle their critical media by withdrawing advertising - and now through denying access to government “spokesmen”.

Yet, what is amazing is that little Bermuda - population 67,000 – actually has in place a written Constitution that is supposed to guarantee Human Rights compliance and it even has a Human Rights Commission ( Deputy Bob Hill tried for one here) and STILL their elected ”representatives” are failing to respect them!!!!!

So, the Bermudan Human Rights Commission has complained to the UN that their freedom of expression is being infringed, in spite of it being protected by the Constitution, the European Convention of HRs and the Universal Declaration of HRs.

What is the point you may think? Well take heart because many MPs in the UK are at last being exposed as cheating and devious because just one dedicated female campaigning journalist has forced the release of MPs expenses returns under Freedom of Information laws which are based upon Human Rights requirements and principles.

YES it is possible to defeat these lack lustre “representatives” like our Minister of TTS Constable Mike Jackson (as seen and heard on TV) who clearly thinks that Human Rights are just a tedious burden – and just 3 days after Liberation Day too!!!!!

But we must be vigilant and we must stay awake, especially during States meetings.

Submitted by Thomas Wellard.

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