Thursday, 28 May 2009

SILENCE on Jersey buses and from Constable Jackson of TTS

Back in March we at “The Voice” highlighted on this blog the menace of music and radio being broadcast on Connex buses in Jersey.

We had heard of many complaints and how Constable Mike Jackson had supposedly promised to investigate the matter and in particular whether Connex buses were licensed as the law requires with the Performing Rights Society.

Of course Constable Jackson never did get back to the complainant who raised the PRS issue but it has transpired that the buses are not in fact licensed and have been continuing to operate illegally in Jersey and that TTS instructed Connex to sort it out several weeks ago!

The fee for each bus to operate legally is about £60 per annum so the banal sounds of Roger Bara and his chums at BBC Radio Jersey or the drivers own peculiar choice of taped Muzak should have been removed already.

Unless the Connex team propose to deduct the cost of licensing the fleet from their profits or Xmas bonus – then with a bit of luck the infernal nuisance of noise pollution on buses will be removed for ever and hopefully TTS will police the matter with all other PSVs (like Taxis) and public places under their control.

We at “The Voice” would be so saddened if Constable Jackson was prosecuted for failing to ensure that his Department allowed any illegal activities.

With a bit of luck he and our other 52 “so called representatives” might like to devote some time to ensuring that the general public can hear those things that they should hear – like States and Parish meetings – through the provision of efficient sound systems and they might also like to consider whether other means of communicating with the long suffering Jersey paying public are adequate?

Submitted by Thomas Wellard.


Anonymous said...

Well said Tommy!
Pity that Connex don't make noises where they should make noises - such as using the idle Tannoy system (that they have for "emergency use only") to announce when the bus is & ready to be boarded. Would be so much better than trying to fathom out the screens especially if one is sight impaired.

TonyTheProf said...

The last time I heard radio on the buses it was 103. I don't think the Connex drivers are than enamoured of the Beeb!

Anonymous said...

.............yes, always 103! RUBBISH!!!! According to their survey (which nobody I know has seen) most people like the radio on journeys (which nobody I know does)