Tuesday, 2 June 2009

MAURICE KIRK A Premier League Protester

If protesting is your purpose then you should know about Maurice Kirk “the flying vet” – click the link on this page to see his blog;
Maurice Kirk
He must have been born with a defiant protestor gene because he has been fighting everything from mortality to any form of authority all his life and through the wreckage of his 64 years – wrecked at sea, wrecked in 15 “engine failure” air crashes, wrecked from a 35 days hunger strike (including 6 days without fluids) in Guernsey, professionally wrecked with the loss of his licence to practice as a veterinary surgeon, his flying licence and driving licence too at various times and arrested 100’s of times and jailed all over the world besides the wreckage of his 1st marriage and wrecked in too many bars and drinking sessions……

RECTUM indeed you might think and his Egocentric, Eccentric, Excessively Exuberant style is not to Everyone’s liking. But he has lived a truly Extraordinary life as a Boy’s Own, Daring Do, Death Defying fact or fiction character somewhere between The Red Baron and Crocodile Dundee and he is still fighting the English Courts, corrupt lawyers, bent policemen and the Veterinary College and anybody else who wears the badge of officialdom and acts arbitrarily.

The Grim Reaper will eventually out-run Maurice of course but he carries the name of his uncle Maurice (who was also a vet) killed serving in the 2nd World War and so Maurice “the flying vet” has already seen his own name on a tombstone. He clearly decided at an early age to taunt or defy the old man with the scythe at every opportunity and only last year he managed to ditch in the Caribbean and lost one aircraft and had another arrested after landing too close to President Bush’s Texas Ranch. Then he came within an inch of being shot out of the sky by the US air force and he ended up trussed and cuffed like a Guantanamo Bay terrorist in a frightening Texas jail. He was duly banned from flying in the US and deported and the experience has left lasting impressions.
Maurice might even have discovered a new “E” for Emotion and he now actually likes gardening. But although his broken arthritic bones bear testimony to his self-imposed Excesses the events of his past 5 decades warrant both critical attention and admiration.

For those unfamiliar with Maurice’s years in the Channel Islands and his campaigns against Crown Officers and Government, the Courts, lawyers, the Police and more all the way to the Privy Council and how he just failed to be elected to the Guernsey States – you are urged to look at his blog.

And, for those who think that any one in Jersey is breaking new ground or challenging the “oligarchy” in some novel or daring manner – well just have a look and see that it has all been done before and that we really should try to learn from ancient and more recent history before we venture to seek reform or to protest.

Submitted by Thomas Wellard.


Anonymous said...

For all his campaigning and protesting what has he actually achieved?

Anonymous said...

Quite true , All he seems to do is get into more hot bother, But i think he likes the attention, He is spending a little holiday at the moment , CARDIFF PRISON Every where he goes he upsets people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memory jog.
Like Nelson Mandela during his imprisonment Maurice Kirk would appreciate letters of support;

AK 6632
KIRK Maurice John
NOT 47

HM Prison Cardiff
Knox Road