Monday, 30 November 2009

“Put up or SHUT UP”

Here is another reason why so many Jersey Blogsites exist in comparison with any of the other Channel islands. It’s all down to clarity, or lack of it. Our “accredited” media not holding our esteemed leaders to account and simply not asking the questions the general public want answered.

The Christopher Chapman Report and the Terry Le Sueur media campaign are prime examples of how the general public can be left confused, if not, bewildered.

It could be argued that the Report, considering its very limited remit, was a fair and balanced Report. It could also be argued that the author of the report could, or should, have insisted on extending its remit because as it stood it appeared to favour our dictatorship’s agenda of discrediting Senator Syvret.

There is no doubt the Report was damming towards the States Employment Board (SEB) who it claims failed to protect its employees by allowing Senator Syvret to publish, on his Blogsite, VERY serious allegations about them and the SEB did nothing to rebut these allegations in the belief, or the hope, by ignoring the Senator and his allegations, he might go away…………but he didn’t/hasn’t!

One must remember the SEB has only just survived a vote of no confidence!

So everybody will have their own views of the report itself, but that’s not where the confusion and bewilderment arises.

Terry Le Sueur has been all over the “accredited” media making out as though the Report has told Senator Syvret to “put up or shut up” and the “accredited” media have been facilitating this, from what we’ve seen and heard, UNCHALLENGED!

The Chapman Report clearly states.

“ I have a clear view that I had formed shortly after commencing my
investigation and pressed on me by many of those who gave evidence to me
that it is the responsibility of the SEB as the employer to refute publicly any
such allegation that is made in clear, unequivocal and firm but moderate
language that the allegation is baseless. On each occasion the statement
should be backed up wherever possible with the evidence refuting the
allegation. In addition to making the denial as widely available as possible
staff should be made aware it has been done and the material widely
disseminated. It should be posted on the blog. If the Senator refuses to accept
the posting that fact should also be publicised“

So surely that says that Terry Le Sueur, or the SEB, should “put up or shut up” doesn’t it?

The report claims that Senator Syvret has bullied Civil Servants and States employees, and that might very well be so. But unless the SEB carry out the recommendation of the report and that is to rebut his allegations with evidence then - we will never know.

Let’s not forget the “victims” of the Senator’s bullying haven’t been accused of things like throwing too many sickies, some of these people have been accused of being “Child Rapists” “Child Beaters” they’ve been accused of “Corporate Manslaughter” “Mass Murder” “perverting the course of justice” and many of these people have been named.

If they are innocent then the SEB owe it to these people to clear their names and should have done so long before now.

But why hasn‘t it? Why, (despite the Chapman Report recommending the opposite) is Terry Le Sueur telling Senator Syvret to “put up or shut up”? Why aren’t our “accredited” media insisting that Terry Le Sueur does like he said he would and adopt ALL the Report’s recommendations?

What happens if just a FRACTION of what Senator Syvret claims is true? But that’s a whole other Blog!

In the meantime the SEB has an obligation to “put up or SHUT UP” and our “accredited” media have an obligation to make sure this happens.

Submitted by Team Voice.


Ian Evans said...

Personally, I think Hades will freeze over before Mr Le Sewer backs any motion to deny the allegations against his staff.
The reason being that, if he does choose denial, he will be left with little choice other than to defend his corner.
Then just where will he be ?

Another victory for that "bullying lout, Syvret" me thinks !

Anonymous said...

Where can I find a copy of the Chapman Report on line?

voiceforchildren said...

The Chapman Report.