Thursday, 18 February 2010

Flying Vet flies from prison ……….into Court

Great news from the dark Principality of Wales!
Maurice Kirk won his court case and defeated the sad attempt at prosecution for going armed with a 1st World War DH Biplane…………….

But he returned seeking to obtain his papers and was arrested again on charges of attempted burglary and banged up again by the plods. He next appears in the Welsh court on the 24th February when the attempt to send him to Broadmoor for ever and ever will start all over again!!!!!

Anybody who thinks they have the balls or stamina to challenge the whole damned stupid and corrupt system should read Maurice Kirk’s blog site Here before going to bed every night – and it should be part of the essential School Curriculum for all students.

You want to protest about corruption in Jersey? Read and understand Maurice Kirk first.

Submitted by Thomas Wellard

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Ian Evans said...

The bastards just ain't gonna let this go, but if you beat them once, it can happen again.

Wishing this guy all the luck in the world, the fight goes on xxx