Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Human Rights - Too boring for Jersey?

Twelve months ago we at Team Voice looked at Jersey’s Holocaust Memorial Day and here we are again.

Nothing much has changed so far as awareness or legislation are concerned in Jersey - but how about the rest of the world? Does it really matter if a few million people here or there finish up in a gas chamber or shot up against a wall or if they don’t receive a fair trial or starve to death?

Do we just expect too much when we seek non - discrimination laws in Jersey and why on earth do we expect justice for the victims of Haut De La Garenne, or the suspended Chief of Police or punishment for those who allowed the Jersey General Hospital to become such a mess?

Sixty five years after the Occupation ended we still lack the most basic legal safeguards and protection of our rights.

Here (below) two of our government ministers - Senator Freddie Cohen and Senator Ian Le Marquand express their opinions and defend the Jersey status quo but are their modest aims good enough in 2010?

How long must we wait and just what are we waiting for?

Submitted by Thomas Wellard.

P.S. We apologise for some of the audio quality.


Anonymous said...

Ian Le Marquand has been a pleasant suprise to me. He does listen to and take on board the issues of the general public. He is the natural choice for the next chief minister.

DZA said...

It's always about the money...

Anonymous said...

Was the States Chamber empty when Ozouf the Acting CM spoke about Human Rights in Jersey and how it was ok to be at least 20 years behind the UK?

Surely some of our "progressive representatives" were outraged and will be following this up?

And how significant it was that Ozouf pointed out that anti-discrimination laws on gender issues and homosexuality were in place.

Sod the rest of the discrimination problems then?