Thursday, 20 May 2010

KIRK FLYING VET’s wings clipped….?

We interviewed Maurice Kirk in Jersey more than 9 months ago - see it here and now we have caught up with him again at his Brittany base. Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?

In the interim, Maurice has spent most of his days and nights in Cardiff prison or the nearby clinic where the UK authorities planned that he should be sectioned and detained for a very long time, under the Mental Health Law.

Maurice defeated the attempts to detain him in the clinic and in court and he fights on but his wife has now filed for divorce, his veterinary career remains curtailed, his assets are up for sale and the aircraft are grounded…

So what is the purpose of it all?

Che Guevara, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, JFK, Amelia Earhart, Marilyn Monroe, Norman Le Brocq…..YOU can choose your heroes – but must they be dead and buried before we can acknowledge their achievements?

Click here to view Maurice Kirk’s own website - if you do not already know about him or his lifetime of fighting the authorities across the world as a sole, independent campaigner.

Does he remind you of anybody? A Quixotic figure perhaps involved in politics or fighting the system in your own locality?

As we have observed, whole Governments can fall out of the sky so easily once their forward motion ceases. Shall we lament their passing or the demise of Gordon and his cronies? Or should we just rejoice at any change and embrace the opportunities that come our way….

Brittany looks very lush at this time of year after all…but what is the message behind these images?

Answers on a postcard please.

Submitted by Thomas Wellard.


Anonymous said...

I really do admire this guy
You just know with your gut instinct he is honest and honourable.
Lets face it with his education and connections that he has probably made through his career he would not have suffered had he pulled in a few favours on the way.
I can add a few more to the list that have been honourable and suffered the consequences

Simon Bellwood
Graham Power
Lenny Harper
Stuart Syvret

GeeGee said...

Hear, hear anonymous! This man whatever people may think of him is one life's rare characters.

Sabine K McNeill said...

I met Maurice Kirk personally for the first time when he came to our meeting at the House of Lords on March 9, 2010.

See where other victims of our financial, legal and judiciary system introduce themselves and their cases.

It is quite extraordinary that "authorities" have become completely incredible but it takes people like Maurice to speak out and tell the truth about their misbehaviours and distinct absence of any conscience or moral guidelines.

What a sad, mad world, made happier by people like Maurice!

Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies

Charles said...

Here is my postcard.

The message behind these images is of an honest man who fell foul of a gang that has been in operation since 1712. Three hundred years!

The rest of the population say "It doesn't concern me", and look away. Then wars erupt, and their children die in the army in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. Then the population say "Why"?


That is the message behind these images.

The terrorists have corrupted the law, for example. Maurice Kirk was prosecuted at least 123 times. He won one hundred and twenty three cases. Still the terrorists - vexatious litigants - won't stop persecuting him.

The terrorists have corrupted the medical system. Beware! Don't fall ill.

They are doing ALL KINDS OF EVIL.

That is the message.

Charles Douglas Wehner