Saturday, 14 March 2009

Can you hear me mother?

1 in 7 is the usual figure offered for people with a hearing impairment and the defect comes in many different forms. Turning up the volume is not the answer for many.
Elsewhere on this blog, the problem of radio noise on buses is dealt with but many people will develop hearing problems because they have their own personal noise machines plugged into their heads or spend too much time in noisy places like discos or with their noses under the bonnet of a revved-up V8.

But we officially neglect the hearing needs of so many people. Take the public gallery at the States Chamber or the public seating areas in the Royal Court where it is almost impossible to hear the proceedings.These are in fact supposed to be "hearings" but for the general public they most certainly are not and so it is at so many Parish Halls and public meetings all over the Island.

Justice must not only be seen to be done - it must be heard to be done - and if hearing loops are installed, there should be sign to indicate this and EVERY RECEPTION desk in the island should have its own hearing induction loop.
We are promised ANTI - DISCRIMINATION laws in Jersey soon but is anybody listening to this most basic PROTEST!


Anonymous said...

Ah! I was listening to Talkback a couple of weeks ago & this subject came up. I was absolutely horrified at Roger Barra's ignorance when he laughed about this. I have a hearing impairment. The noise from the radio makes my journey very uncomfortable. Even more annoying now that it has come to light that they are not even licensed to play the music.

Anonymous said...

What did you say?