Sunday, 22 March 2009

Smothering Day throughout the Empire.

Officially of course its Mother’s Day today – but if the Westminster Parliament is included as the Mother of Parliament – there isn’t much celebrating going on among the peoples of the ever diminishing Empire!

Our own Parliamentary freshmen and women visited London this week to meet the old girl – but whether they were impressed at what they saw and heard has not been much reported. They don’t have blog sites to keep their electorates informed – so we cannot easily enter into an electronic dialogue with them on this or any issues. Of course we can phone or e-mail or hang around the Royal Square, but did any come back with the message that virtually ALL Westminster MPs have active blog sites (paid for out of specific expenses) and that public participation is actively encouraged?

But what would we want to communicate with our elected representatives about? Well, once again I would implore you to look at the LINKS on this site and just read what peoples all over the world – living in little places just like Jersey – are concerned about.

Just take a few minutes out to see what is going on in Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bermuda and Gibraltar and even the Isle of Man and be amazed that they have just the same worries and problems as we have in Jersey and they have the same frustrations with their elected representatives, the administration of justice, collapsing tourism, threatened Tax Haven status, free speech, child abuse and crime etc etc. What does this say about US and our relationships with the UK and the EU and the rest of the world and what should we make of this universal network of bloggers expressing their frustrations for all to see……..

Except that its not quite universal, because there is no really interesting blog coming out of Guernsey, Alderney and Sark that I can find and must wonder if the people of that Bailiwick are so contented with their lot that they have nothing to say except how nice the weather is…….

Submitted by Thomas Wellard.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting site, keep up the good work.

An alternative, intelligent media is so needed on this little rock.

Seems like it's a common problem with small 'nation states' (c puffed up Philip Ozouf)