Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Senator Ben Shenton on "Blogging"

Our first offering for this new site is a short "sound-bite" of Senator Ben Shenton's views on Blogging, Bloggers and Citizens Media.

Senator Shenton appears to recognise that Blogging is "here to stay" and believes the States are "going to have to change the rules to accommodate them". If only a few more of our esteemed leaders recognised this!.

A fuller interview with Senator Shenton that deals with (recent) restrictions placed on Bloggers will be published in the next day or so on


rico sorda said...

Good start VFP .

Good to hear ben shenton say say the states will have to accommodate them . There not that vile, Look forward to the rest of the interview


Anonymous said...

Fair play to Shenton at least he gave you an interview and he's right blogging is here to stay keep up the good work vfc

thejerseyway said...

Yes Fair play to Senator Ben Shenton.
Blogs are here to stay, I only which I was able to spend more time on mine.
I'm a bit concerned about the way the States will go about copping with them.
With all the constables on the dark side, what ever the ministers want to do with blogs, the constables will vote them thought. "As long as its not in my Parish."
What I can't under stand is how can a constable be a minister. Is there nothing going on in St Brelade's.
We are going to have a fight on your hands to keep your right to free speech.
Keep up with the hard work.

Anonymous said...

At least Ben Shenton accepts that blogs are becoming the norm and if all in the Jersey garden was rosier there would be far less unpleasant truths for certain politicians to read about themselves.
The truth hurts and if people go into the political arena, if they can't stand the heat, GET OUT.
Well done, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Guys you're missing what he said here

"We're going to have to change the rules to accommodate them as well"


Anonymous said...

And judging by your next interview with BS, they already have changed the rules to accommodate you or not as the case seems to be.

Keep up the fight VFP.

Anonymous said...

OK. A couple of weeks ago I submitted two comments which have not been posted by you. I have to ask where your stance for freedom of expression actually lies?
Is "Citizen Journalism" open to free expression - both positive and negative - or is it merely, the "same old same old" i.e. narrow self-interest and the repression of any views which may disagree with those of the owner / publisher of the medium?
If you purport to be different from the JEP, Channel TV and BBC Jersey, why are you suppressing valid, albeit negative, comment on your activities, motives and intentions? For Christ's sake, even the "gone native" BBC Jersey allows people on to the air to criticise what they do - so how can you assume a moral high-ground when they do what you refusw to allow?

Anonymous said...

My late father was subjected to serious & sustained elder abuse whilst in States care which was formally evidenced by his H & SS notes. I formally complained to Ben Shenton who did absolutely NOTHING about it. He was aggressive and arrogant. He was rightly ousted from H & SS. I put the entire cirs to paper and submitted to the Scrutiny panel. Now he is in that forum I suppose he can read my letter again!!