Friday, 11 June 2010

Senatorial Candidate Geoff Southern.

After being approached on a number of occasions by people, for one reason or another, who are not happy with the coverage of the Senatorial by-election from the “accredited” media - and have asked Team Voice to do more - we have responded.

In particular we have been approached by the youth who have friends at university who follow the Blog Sphere but don’t get to see much of the mainstream media (msm) and would like to know more about the candidates.

Team Voice is now offering ALL candidates up to five minutes air-time to put their message across to the online community and engage with a wider audience in the hope this might encourage people to the Ballot Box, and give the electorate a more informed choice of who to vote for.

Fourth up is Geoff Southern.

Submitted by VFC.


Anonymous said...

Fair play to the Voice for treating Geoff Southern the same as every other candidate. A nice change from the pathetic viciousness of a few people who get Syvret supporters a bad name. I'm going to vote for Geoff Southern because his performance in the States merits my vote. Simples.

TonyTheProf said...

Thanks for this. With regard to Francis Le Gresley, I think you should separate the blog comments from the video clip, as otherwise he's getting a rather unfair showing.

It's fine to point out his deficiencies (and he certainly has some - not least his "I work for a charity" ploy - yes, he's employed by them for a salary, not how it comes over), but keep comment and clip separate.

But you're doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

You and who's army Mr Southern are going to get all these changes and challenges implemented??

All waffle, waffle, waffle.

GeeGee said...

I have just watched this video (thanks yet again VFC), and lo and behold then opened the RAG to see said Geoff Southern has a full page advert, which would have cost no less than £1,000, and sponsored by UNITE.

Is this not obscene Mr Southern?? I hope all the union members were happy with this amount of money being spent on you and your campaign when you are already a States member, are seeking a 16 month term and if you are successful you have effectively caused one progressive vote less in the house. It just does not make sense.

This money I am sure could have been better left in the coffers of Unite at this moment in time. It would surely be possible to run a campaign on your track record alone, and your speeches at the hustings. Is this ego or what??

Anonymous said...

Sorry GeeGee but your criticisms here really sound like jealous carping. Why shouldn't Southern or any other candidate place adverts in the media? Standard election practice. So long as they stay wwithin the election expenses limit then there is no problem.

Sounds like your real problem is that Stuart hasn't put an advert in yet. When he does will you be carping on about it being 'obscene'? I doubt it somehow. And what about that huge banner for Stuart that has sprung up on the roundabout. Is that 'obscene'? And who paid for it? I think we should know.

The Unite support is no problem either. The JDA, but Southern in particular has worked really hard fighting for employment fair play for many, many years. Stuart on the other hand has done bugger all to fight for workers rights and conditions.

I am in the union and absolutely fine with this. At least here we know who has contributed to the advert. We don't know who paid for Stuart's banner - which I note Southern hasn't bothered with. And when Stuart's advert(s)come out I would happily have a wager that we won't know who will be behind them either.

Couldn't Stuart also just fight the election 'on his record?'Please stop moaning, drop the vendetta against Southern and grow up.

mac said...

Anonymous should read the election expenses rules, all candidates have to show any donation and keep within the spending limits, so it's a bit misleading to say people won't know where Stuarts or any other candidates support has come from.

Maybe you should advise Ted about moaning and vendettas

GeeGee said...

I don't have a problem with Stuart not putting an advert in the JEP at all. Two banners must have cost a FORTUNE!! compared to what is now one full page and a quarter page today.

You actually answered my querying in your response. Could Geoff not have fought this election on his record too??

And,thank you Mac for confirming the other anomoly in Anonymous's reply.

Children are our future said...

I do feel I have to respond here to the Anonymous Union member, and Southern supporter's reply.

Fairness and balance should be applied here, and from where I am sitting whilst Southern may have gone the extra mile in working for worker's rights and conditions, Stuart has gone that extra mile for child abuse victims and all that has emanated from that. Exactly where has Southern been and what has he done in this regard?

Sweet FA I think.

So, workers rights are Geoff's 'baby', child protection is Stuarts, so what you see as his lack of support, other's could see the lack of support from the unions and Geoff from the same point of view. I do agree that perhaps the money spent on Mr Southern's campaign could maybe have been directed in a more worthy direction in times of financial constraint.

Your comment smacks of double standards, notwithstanding that as a member of the JDA Trevort Pitman has made his presence at Child Abuse rallies.

Anonymous said...

Southern will not get my vote in this election or any other
He went back on his word about standing against Stuart Syvret
Not an honorable man

James said...

£1.000 on Southern's election advert certainly pales into insignificance against the £22.000 of taxpayers money wasted on Stuart Syvret doing sweet FA in London. The man has lost the plot and my respect.

Anonymous said...

Southern cannot be trusted I have lost all respect for this man, he went back on his word about standing against Syvret

Anonymous said...

Syvret banners 5 for less than £500.00

2 full page adverts Southern @ least £2000

good business Mr Syvret

taxpayer that does not begrudge Mr Syvrets work the past 6 months.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say i will not vote for JDA as long as Southern is part of it