Sunday, 6 June 2010

Senatorial candidate - Phillip Maguire.

After being approached on a number of occasions by people, for one reason or another, who are not happy with the coverage of the Senatorial by-election from the “accredited” media - and have asked Team Voice to do more - we have responded.

In particular we have been approached by the youth who have friends at university who follow the Blog Sphere but don’t get to see much of the mainstream media (msm) and would like to know more about the candidates.

Team Voice is now offering ALL candidates up to five minutes air-time to put their message across to the online community and engage with a wider audience in the hope this might encourage people to the Ballot Box, and give the electorate a more informed choice of who to vote for.

Second up is Phillip Maguire.

Submitted by VFC.


Anonymous said...

Well done keep them coming

GeeGee said...

Thank you Mr Maguire for your thoughts, and also for being a colourful candidate in what can become a rather boring spectacle.

Anonymous said...

Well done the Voice.

I do think it strange that earlier in the year there was great effort in educating students in local government, yet those students are no doubt confused by the lack of reporting by the msm!