Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Senatorial Candidate Peter - Remon Whorrall.

After being approached on a number of occasions by people, for one reason or another, who are not happy with the coverage of the Senatorial by-election from the “accredited” media - and have asked Team Voice to do more - we have responded.

In particular we have been approached by the youth who have friends at university who follow the Blog Sphere but don’t get to see much of the mainstream media (msm) and would like to know more about the candidates.

Team Voice is now offering ALL candidates up to five minutes air-time to put their message across to the online community and engage with a wider audience in the hope this might encourage people to the Ballot Box, and give the electorate a more informed choice of who to vote for.

Third up is Peter - Remon Whorrall.

Submitted by VFC.


GeeGee said...

Mr Remon-Whorrall deserves a round of applause. He is an ordinary working man who has injected an awful lot of fun and honesty into the hustings.

I wish you well!

Anonymous said...

I second that GG, the fellow is honesty personified amongst a bunch of crooks and charlatans.

Captain Fantastic

Anonymous said...

Well said GeeGee
I think apart from Stuart, Mr Remon-Whorrall is the most honest genuine and down to earth candidate we have.
I wish him well and please Neil can you please show us the recording of Mr R W reading his poem at Stuarts public meeting.
It was superb and very memorable

Anonymous said...

Ah man, he comes across as a really nice bloke but unfortunately I think he is living in the past. We could have done with him 20 years ago before the finance industry raped and pillaged our land.

Its too late to go back to the old values now. What we need is a person who can accept the mess we are in and move us forward, save what agricultural land is left and exploit the opportunities it allows us to grow and continue as a spud and cow growing comunitee

Anonymous said...

This bloke is sound. I'm sure he knows that he will never get elected but he has come out with a few gems. Stuart should donate his 'Courage & Integrity' banner to Peter. It would be far more appropriate and deserved. Good luck Peter in whatever you do next.

GeeGee said...

Well Peter exelled himself tonight at the Town Hall hustings, and got numerous rounds of applause from the audience.

Talking with him afterwards he said he would be quite prepared to work with other candidates at some stage to bring about the change we so badly need. I have even more admiration for him now.

Don't give up Peter, you are an inspiration!